White Pulling Printing Process of Denim

As we all know, Indigo is a kind of dye that is not easy to remove white and dye. In history, carving powder and biting agent have been used as white and dye removal agents. In alkaline medium, indigo generates orange compounds after steaming, which can be dissolved in alkali solution and washed away by water to achieve the purpose of white extraction or dye removal. Because most of the printed pictures on jeans are independent patterns (suitable patterns) closely matched with the ready-made clothing style, the method of online printing on clothing pieces is mostly used in practical production, which brings difficulties to steaming and washing after printing.

White Pulling Printing Process of Denim 1

Now, a series of denim white discharge and discharge printing paste is popular in the market. It does not need post-treatment such as steaming and washing after printing. It is a very simple printing process. The following denim manufacturers briefly introduce the application technology for your reference.Denim white out printing now the white out printing of denim clothing pieces widely adopts the non printing post-treatment process.1. Features

White discharge printing process is simple, easy to operate, without steaming treatment. Clear markings, pure whiteness, soft hand feel and little damage to cotton fiber. The fabric after white drawing printing has no peculiar smell.

Stable function.2. Printing process3. The formula of white discharge printing paste is two-component, which is composed of hp-160 white discharge paste and hp-1 white discharge agent

4. Directly print white printing paste on denim, which is natural and dry.5. Press ironing can be carried out when the white drawing printing paste is naturally dry to semi dry after printing.

White Pulling Printing Process of Denim 2

6. Cracking effect: add 1% - 2% thickening powder to the thermosetting ink, and then add a few foaming inks, about 5%, so that the foaming effect is not obvious. It is advisable to pull and crack before drying after printing, and then bake again, so as to have the cracking effect. Another method is to make the base plate into a cracked plate, and then use the whole film plate to cover another layer, and then gently pull it to form a cracking effect. Note that the printing effect is similar to that of stone, with mesh of 100-200, soft scraper and hard scraper for cover.

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