What Are the Basic Categories of Denim

This paper introduces the basic classification of denim fabrics in detail, and arranges the special information of denim for your reference.There are many kinds of denim with different characteristics, and there are many kinds of denim. Different variety categories show unique variety characteristics. Due to different configurations of warp and weft yarn density and warp and weft density, different raw materials, different finishing methods and different uses, different denim fabrics are produced. Let's introduce the classification of denim fabrics in detail.I. reclassification by denim

What Are the Basic Categories of Denim 1

Denim can be divided into light according to cloth weight! Medium and heavy "cloth weight" refers to the cloth weight with slurry when the standard moisture regain is 8%1 light denim - denim weighing less than 34? Per hour (i.e. 10 ounces / square yard).Type 2 denim - denim weighing between $340-450 (i.e. 10-13 ounces / square yard).

3 heavy duty denim - denim weighing more than 4509 / h (i.e. 13 ounces / square yard), denim weighing less than 6 ounces / square yard is classified as ultra-thin denim, and denim weighing more than 14.5 ounces / square yard is classified as ultra-heavy denim.II. Classification by raw materialsTraditional denim is pure cotton raw material. With the development of modern denim products, textile products with comfortable, casual, durable and old washing style and some important characteristics of traditional denim are called denim. From this, denim with different styles produced by different raw materials is derived.

Cotton denim: it is traditional denim, and both warp and weft yarn are cotton yarnInterwoven denim: denim made by interweaving warp and weft yarns with different raw materials, such as viscose cotton interwoven denim, pure cotton warp yarn and viscose fiberWeft interwoven

3 blended denim: such as viscose cotton blended denim, viscose cotton polyester blended denim, polyester viscose blended denim, cotton wool blended denim, etc.Viscose denim: it is made of indigo viscose warp yarn and viscose weft yarn. It overcomes the defect of insufficient drape performance of pure cotton denim, and the fabric surface has the characteristics of silk smoothness5 silk denim: denim produced with factory silk, spun silk and silk as raw materials.

What Are the Basic Categories of Denim 2

6 elastic denimThe core spun yarn with elastic spandex filament as the core is woven into warp elastic, weft elastic denim or warp and weft double elastic denim with elastic in warp or weft direction by using cotton fiber core or cotton yarn wrapped and combined with cotton yarn.Wrinkled denim: the warp adopts ordinary cotton yarn, and the weft adopts strong twist yarn, making use of its twist internal force.

8 refined cotton denim: denim produced with combed cotton yarn for warp or weft yarn9 different count denim: irregular stripe produced by random configuration of warp or weft yarn with two or more yarns of different fineness.III. classification by dyeing process

Indigo Denim: denim that uses indigo as dye to dye warp yarn. This is the main color of denim.2 multi color denim: denim of various colors dyed with sulfur dyes or other dyes.3. Color matching denim: most of them take indigo as the base color and apply another dye before or after indigo dyeing. Some also apply color during finishing or washing of ready-made clothes.

4 color striped denim: denim woven with color yarn and natural weft yarn regularly embedded in indigo dyed warp yarn.IV. classification by fabric texturePlain denim: denim woven with plain weave, which is often used to produce thin denim:.

2 twill denim: the commonly used tissues are 3 / L twill! 2 / L and 2 / 2 twill, etc.3 broken twill denim4 rib denim: denim woven with rib weave

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