Washing Conditions of Ordinary Jeans and Primary Color Jeans

How to distinguish the washing and maintenance of general jeans and primary jeans? When buying primary color jeans, you will certainly hear the words "Unwash" and "onewash", which are unwashed water and once washed water. Unwash is: jeans without factory washing, polishing and other treatment processes. The difference of onewash is that it has undergone pre shrinkage and desizing process before leaving the factory, so as to meet those jeans who love the softness of the upper body and want to wear their own texture beauty. Today, let's talk about some basic methods of washing and maintenance.Washing and maintenance of general jeans:1 Basic washing method

Washing Conditions of Ordinary Jeans and Primary Color Jeans 1

(1) Before dark jeans are launched, soak them in white vinegar water (white vinegar: water, 1:20) or salt water for about 20-30 minutes to maintain the original color.(2) Wash dark and light colors separately; Mixing together will cause colors to dye each other.(3) Do not use bleach. Wash with detergent without enzyme and with blue particles. Because the detergent with enzyme has bleaching effect, it has an impact on the color of jeans.

(4) Prevent direct sunlight exposure: direct sunlight exposure will cause serious oxidation and discoloration.(5) Exposure to the sun in a ventilated place: lack of ventilation will make the pants not easy to dry and will produce peculiar smell.(6) Do not wash or sun as much as possible.

(7) If your jeans are made of special fabric, you can also refer to the instructions on the washing label and wash them according to the instructions listed above.2 Basic maintenance method(1) Dark cotton jeans can be worn about 3-5 times or washed once a week.

(2) Light color: white, khaki, camel and other light colors depend on the dirt situation.Washing and maintenance of primary color jeans:1 Basic washing method

Washing Conditions of Ordinary Jeans and Primary Color Jeans 2

(1) Primary color jeans can be worn when they are not dry after washing, which can produce texture faster.(2) A little white vinegar and salt are prepared in the water and dissolved in warm water. This is color fixation. The temperature of water varies from person to person. If you need to shrink more, the temperature will be higher. Even if you cook with boiling water, it will not be bad. Violent desizing will shrink very badly. If the trousers length or waist circumference is suitable at all, use cold water. It should be measured after soaking for half an hour to prevent too much shrinkage.(3) If you sweat a lot in summer, you can hang your jeans in a ventilated place, spray some water and let it dry in the wind, so that the sweat smell on your jeans won't disappear; If the jeans are stuck with some unclean things, you can spray clean water on the dirty place, then gently pick up the dirty things, hang them in a well ventilated place and dry them naturally! Reduce the amount of washing powder as much as possible, and even wash with clean water.

2 Basic maintenance method(1) The cleaning time of jeans is 6-12 months.(2) Wear more and wash less. You don't need to wash in the water if you can stand the peculiar smell.

(3) When wearing on the body, touch the surface of the pants with your hands. Due to the oxidation and fading of the jeans and the local area touched by the body, there is a slight role of oil esters.(4) Ordinary friends wear jeans for a week or put them into the washing machine when they are a little sweaty (dirty). In fact, it is fatal damage to the jeans. If you do this for a long time, it will make your jeans out of shape, and there will be no comfortable and beautiful leg shape. If you insist on not washing jeans, they will fit your body more and more.

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