Understand the Knowledge of Denim Cloth and Learn to Choose Denim Clothes Without Loss

Pure cotton denim fabric is a kind of fabric often seen in people's daily life. It is welcomed by the majority of beauty lovers because of its high firmness and beautiful design. However, denim cloth has many 16 kinds of materials, and the knowledge of twill denim cloth is also very broad and profound. Let's introduce this knowledge of denim cloth. First of all, we should know that denim is actually a thick yarn dyed warp twill cotton. It is generally indigo, and the light color is light blue. It is also called labor cloth by the Chinese.

Understand the Knowledge of Denim Cloth and Learn to Choose Denim Clothes Without Loss 1

Cowboy cloth was originally used by herders in the western United States to make grazing work clothes. Later, it was mass produced and promoted and became the clothing spokesman of the United States. Therefore, we can know that the quality of denim cloth depends on the thickness of denim cloth.Many old people don't like twill denim, because denim is too heavy and hard to wash, so old people still like clothes made of breathable pure cotton. In fact, what we should know about slub denim fabric is the finishing process, which will directly affect the quality of denim fabric. Denim cloth mainly includes eight processes: enzyme, stone mill, sand blasting, cat beard, silicone oil, bleaching, color setting and snowflake washing. These eight processes are the focus of denim cloth knowledge.Some people will ask, are many processes mentioned in the knowledge of denim cloth used in every denim garment? In fact, it's not. Some denim fabrics don't need bleaching. They look very good as long as they keep the original indigo. Choosing jeans or denim clothes does not necessarily need how good the fabric quality is. Too heavy denim clothes are not comfortable to wear on the body, so now the denim clothes in the fabric wholesale market are relatively light, simple to wash and beautiful in style.

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