The Origin of Cowboy Hats? Cowboy Hat Story?

The earliest cowboy hats were made of felt (F E L) in response to the climate in the Midwest of the United Statest) Production, can resist wind and rain, mainly functional; Fashion cowboy hat takes the handsome and wild appearance of cowboy hat, mainly decorative. Cowboy hat is a classic without loss, and there are great changes in material. Le

The Origin of Cowboy Hats? Cowboy Hat Story? 1

Xu Yanhua, manager of bags brand, observed that the quality materials of cowboy hats today are mainly those commonly used in clothing, such as silk, lace, linen, etc. the color is not as black or brown as in the impression. They can be matched with pink, green and purple in the pink and tender color system of spring and summer, and even cowboy hats with gradual dyeing, which are popular in spring and summer. Even in autumn and winter, cowboy hats are still popular. The material is more like velvet. Whether it is matched with furry piping coats or twill tweed suits, they all have a rough taste of men.

Cowboy hat story?This is a magical hat. From the bustling streets of New York to the sparsely populated Qinghai Tibet Plateau, from the farthest Indian tribes to the covers of the most fashionable fashion magazines, you can find it in almost every corner of the world and see the western spirit of the United States. This is the cowboy hat.

Cowboy hats are not the "patent" of American cowboys. According to the research of American scholars, the shape of cowboy hat can be traced back to the hat of Mongolian herdsmen in the 13th century. There is another saying that Mexicans like big eaves hats. During the western development of the United States, people wore a variety of hats at first, but now the most common cowboy hat with wide edge, high top, slightly concave top and both sides was originally designed and promoted by American John stayson in 1865. Its material is mainly felt that can keep out the wind and rain. He also gave the hat a very domineering name - grassland overlord. After more than 100 years, the style of cowboy hat basically did not change much.

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