The Maximum Water Saving Is 99%, Which still Ensures the Aging Effect of Denim

The maximum water saving is 99%, which still ensures the aging effect of denim. On July 9, fast retailing, the parent company of Japanese fast fashion giant UNIQLO, officially introduced the group's Denim R & D Center (jeans) to the publicThe latest water-saving denim garment manufacturing technology developed by Innovation Center (hereinafter referred to as JIC).This technology uses equipment with nano bubble and ozone washing technology. With the help of professional jeans designers, it greatly reduces the water consumption in the production process while ensuring the product quality and washing effect. Compared with the traditional manufacturing method, this innovative method can save up to 99% of the water consumption in the jeans washing process, and can save more than 90% of the water in the washing steps on average.

The Maximum Water Saving Is 99%, Which still Ensures the Aging Effect of Denim 1

At the same time, they also used "ecological Abrasives" to replace the traditional pumice abrasives, and used lasers in the denim aging process, reducing the pollution to the water source and environment caused by the mining of pumice and the use of toxic chemicals.In 2018, the fast fashion brand UNIQLO (UNIQLO) of fast retailing group and the sustainable fashion series jeans of high-end jeans brand J brand used this water-saving and environmental protection technology.In 2020, the group plans to use this new manufacturing method to produce 40 million pairs of jeans, which is expected to save 3.7 billion liters of water and fill the standard swimming pools of 1500 international large-scale swimming events.

JIC is located in Gardena, California, USA. they jointly develop fabrics and the most cutting-edge production technology with the world's leading fabric manufacturers.With the enhancement of environmental awareness, more and more consumers begin to pay attention to the transparency of the supply chain of the garment industry, hoping that the garment manufacturing process can meet the sustainable standards as much as possible.Masaaki matsuhara, chief operating officer of JIC

Matsubara said that the biggest feature of denim is that it needs to use a lot of water and chemicals in the washing process to create an "old" lazy effect. Although technological innovation is very difficult, they can finally retain people's favorite aging effect and use as few water resources and chemicals as possible, so as to ensure the characteristics of cowboys and realize sustainable manufacturing at the same time. The purpose of the group's establishment of the research center is to make the whole cowboy industry realize environmental protection. In the future, they are willing to share this innovative technology with other companies.

Veronique, director of sustainable development of fast retailing groupRochet has said that these innovative technologies are the first achievements of the group's sustainable development innovation. With the development of more environmental protection technologies, fast retailing will still bear the relevant costs and will not be passed on to consumers.In addition to introducing new technologies, the executives of fast retailing group also outlined the future sustainable development plan, including reducing the use of hazardous chemicals in the production process, ensuring the rights and interests of workers, and realizing the purchase of only cotton from the sustainable cotton base in 2025.

The Maximum Water Saving Is 99%, Which still Ensures the Aging Effect of Denim 2

From September this year, fast retailing group will reduce the application of plastic shopping bags in 3500 stores around the world. They hope to reduce the plastic shopping bags and packaging used in stores by 85% next year.With the increasing popularity of the topic of environmental protection and sustainability, consumers become more and more "picky". People begin to consciously choose to buy goods whose production process has little impact on the environment. Sustainable development has also become an important topic in the fashion industry. Since November 2018, "Huali Zhi" has regularly summarized the latest sustainable fashion development trends in the world, covering multiple sub fields such as "recycling", "environmental protection packaging", "environmental protection new materials", "sustainable fashion brand", "sustainable fashion e-commerce", "sustainable supply chain", hoping to bring you some inspiration.

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