How to Choose Jeans Size? How to Maintain Jeans?

Do you know how to choose the size of jeans when buying jeans?

1. Know your waist circumference (if the unit is centimeter, divide by 2.54; if the unit is several feet and inches, multiply by 33.3 and then divide by 2.54)

Choose the pants of the size closest to this number (preferably in cm, which is more accurate. For example, the waist is 2 feet 2, which is about 1825px, which is about 28.8 inches, so you should choose the pants of size 29). No matter what style of pants are, the size represents the size suitable for people with a large waist, and the specific size scaling takes into account the specific type of the style;

2. According to the specific size provided by the seller

First look at the size of the front crotch of the pants (the distance from the cross stitch of the pants to the top of the center in the front, and the cross stitch is the place where the crotch is cross stitched). Judge the waist height of the pants on your body. Here, it's best to take out a pair of pants with a higher waist to compare and judge, and then measure the waist circumference of your pants at that position, Then compare with the waist circumference of the pants introduced by the seller and choose the appropriate size.

How to maintain jeans?

For autumn, your jeans generally choose thicker material, which is a relatively stiff style. There are fashion elites who generally like the style of "brush color". Therefore, it is recommended not to wash these styles often. Frequent washing is easy to fade. The cloth will be thinner and softer, and the overall feeling will not be very good.

Correct method: soak them in water and then wash them with a mild detergent. This will be more difficult to fade than using ordinary detergent and washing powder.

For this kind of fit elastic jeans, many girls will like it now. Because they have very good elasticity, they are particularly comfortable to wear and show their figure! However, the knees, hips and thighs of elastic jeans are often stretched and tight due to action. So the biggest problem with these pants is not color brushing, but looseness due to lack of elasticity.

Correct method: elastic jeans generally need to be eliminated after wearing them for an average of one year. Therefore, if you want to prolong the life of pants, it is recommended to reduce the frequency of wearing!

How to Choose Jeans Size? How to Maintain Jeans? 1

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