How to Choose Jeans? Jeans Maintenance Tips?

Many people like to wear jeans, but do you know how to choose jeans?1. Look at the cloth. First, the quality of jeans with thick fabric is better. Second, if it is all cotton fabric, the longer the cotton wool, the better the cotton quality.2. It depends on the workmanship. Workmanship is also a key condition to measure the quality of jeans, which directly affects the experience and quality of jeans. First, check whether the sewing threads of jeans are dense and neat (those with many ends and broken threads are of poor quality). Secondly, check whether the trouser leg and waist seams are double lines and whether there is thread leakage.

How to Choose Jeans? Jeans Maintenance Tips? 1

3. Look at the cloth inside the trouser pocket. This is the least concerned place to choose jeans, but it is also the focus of checking the brand details and quality. If the cloth in the trouser pocket is made of inferior leftovers (pilling, etc.), the quality will not be much better.4. Look at the version. Lay the jeans flat on the table to see if the left and right sides of the jeans are symmetrical.5. Look at the color. Look at the color of jeans to see if they are symmetrical, flawed, dotted and color difference. When buying jeans, try to buy pants with bright colors and soft feel. At the same time, you can tear them gently by hand at the hem. If there are slight cracks, you'd better not buy them.

Jeans Maintenance Tips:Maintenance method 1: remember to soak new jeans with (white vinegar water)The new jeans have to be maintained. Before launching for the first time, prepare a basin of warm water, add a little white vinegar or salt, and then soak the newly bought jeans for about half an hour. This will help jeans better maintain the primary color and reduce the fading phenomenon!

Maintenance method 2: remember to wash less jeans

Many people's jeans often throw sweat stains into the washing machine. As a result, after cleaning several times, the jeans are more and more ugly, and the previous version no longer exists. Levis maintenance experts said that the maintenance secret of cleaning jeans as little as possible, and the maintenance skill he adopted is (when there are a small amount of stains, hang the jeans to be cleaned on the hook, rinse them gently with the water sprayed from the nozzle, and then scrub the stained parts with a sponge. Then he will come for a big cleaning every 6 months. The maintenance method of the big cleaning is: first fill the bathtub with warm water, add two spoonfuls of detergent in the water, and then add a little white vinegar to soak the jeans in the bath In the cylinder for a period of time).

How to Choose Jeans? Jeans Maintenance Tips? 2

Maintenance method 3: jeans are best washed by hand, not by machineTo be honest, the biggest killer of cotton jeans is the washing machine. Often, jeans will shrink and fade seriously because they will destroy the fiber of denim cloth after machine washing, so pay special attention to maintenance.

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