Dyeing and Color Classification of Denim

Denim factory will show you the dyeing and color classification of denim:1) Black warp cloth cover Black DenimThe color of denim warp yarn changes from blue to black. It can also be dyed black after weaving. This fabric can make jeans have real black instead of gray.

Dyeing and Color Classification of Denim 1

2) Black DenimThis denim is woven with black warp yarn instead of indigo. Wrangler claimed that he was the first to introduce Black Denim into the jeans industry in 1950. It was a suit made for the cowboy hero hopalong Cassidy on TV. Black Denim fades into dark gray or produces strong black-and-white contrast, which has become a classic color of jeans.3) Blue Black Denim

The warp is dyed blue and then black. After washing, the black peels off into a blue black effect.4) Brown DenimThe warp of denim is dyed brown, resulting in a new basic style.

5) Colored denimThe warp of denim is colored. Colored denim is usually dyed by yarn, warp yarn or both warp and weft yarn, mainly to reduce color loss. Colored jeans can also be dyed with cloth or clothes.6) Double dyed denim

Historically, the number of dip dyeing of warp yarn used in denim production in indigo dyeing bath has replaced 6 8 dyeing times by 12 16 times. The result is a deeper, fuller and brighter blue. This effect can also be achieved by changing the concentration of indigo in the dyeing bath, but the fastness will be slightly worse.7) Dyeing processThe dyeing process of denim is to dip the raw cotton yarn into a certain number of dyeing baths (6 8 times are more representative). The yarn will be oxidized once (in the air) after each dip dyeing. After dip dyeing, the color of the yarn will change from yellow, green to blue. Then the yarn is washed several times to remove the excess dye on the yarn surface.

Dyeing and Color Classification of Denim 2

8) NaturalNon dyed denim, which maintains the natural color light of cotton yarn, is now regarded as a basic color and a color after years of wear.9) Khaki cloth

Fighting clothes and military clothes made of mercerized twill cotton are generally earthy yellow and olive.

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