Can Jeans Be Machine Washed? What Should I Pay Attention to When Washing Jeans

Can jeans be machine washedsure. Jeans are made of yarn dyed denim mainly blended and interwoven with pure cotton and cotton fibers. As a casual pants for men and women, jeans have the characteristics of wear resistance, dirt resistance, close fitting and comfort. They can be machine washed, and machine washed jeans are also a common practice for cleaning jeans. However, for some jeans with special materials, it is best not to machine wash them, otherwise they will easily deform or fade. It is recommended to wash them by hand.What should machine wash jeans pay attention to

Can Jeans Be Machine Washed? What Should I Pay Attention to When Washing Jeans 1

1. Before jeans cleaning, it is recommended to turn the jeans over to avoid the discoloration of the jeans surface due to friction, which will affect the appearance of jeans.  2. If the jeans are dirty, you can rub the special parts stained with dirt before cleaning, and then put them into the washing machine, so that the jeans can be cleaned more cleanly.  3. Jeans should be separated from other clothes when cleaning. First, it can prevent jeans from fading and other clothes from suffering. Second, it can prevent willow nails, sequins and other decorative hooks on jeans from falling off from other clothes.

How can jeans not fade

1. Salt water immersion method to prevent jeans from fading. This move is most suitable to deal with the fading problem of jeans and fancy clothes. The effect is very effective. In order to prevent the newly bought clothes from fading, soak them in concentrated salt water for half an hour before the first time into the water, and then wash them according to the conventional method. If there is still slight discoloration, you can soak it in light salt water for ten minutes before washing in the water. If you stick to it in the long run, the clothes will never fade. Usually when washing, if you can turn the inside out, wash and dry it, you can also minimize the degree of fading. (this method can effectively solve the fading of jeans)  

2. Fold the jeans and put them into the laundry bag (or wash them by hand). Please use dishwashing detergent. In general, in order to have the effect of whitening, the ingredients of washing powder contain a little bleach, so the jeans are easy to fade. The dishwashing detergent does not contain bleach. In addition to the cleaning effect, it can also remove oil stains.  3. Jeans or other dyed new clothes contain a layer of glue (the smell of new clothes). Before washing, soak the jeans in a basin with water, and then put two spoonfuls of white vinegar into it for about half an hour, so that the color loss of jeans will not be so serious. It can also make the clothes soft and fix the color to prevent fading. (white vinegar can prevent jeans from fading)  4. Reverse drying method to prevent jeans from fading. This method is the most commonly used, especially for some dark clothes. The method is very simple, that is, hang the clothes in the opposite direction. Here's a special reminder: most clothes made of fabrics can't be directly irradiated by the sun, because ultraviolet light is the culprit of clothes fading. Therefore, we should not only air the clothes in reverse, but also put them in a place away from light and ventilation if possible.  

Can Jeans Be Machine Washed? What Should I Pay Attention to When Washing Jeans 2

Why do some clothes fadeClothes fade usually because the lines of dyes and fibers are not strong enough, or dyes fade under the action of sunlight. In addition, most dyes are easy to dissolve in water, especially in soapy water, hot water and alkaline water, so clothes are easy to fade when washing.

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