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2019-5-20 Fuya Charity

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2019-5-20 Fuya Denim Charity
2019-5-20 Fuya Charity 1
520 is a day full of love. On this day, everyone expresses their love in different ways, and Fuya is no exception. On May 20th, 2019, Fuya Members gather to officially announce the establishment of Fuya Charity . All Member actively participate in donations and establish May 20th as Fuya's love day,
There are many kinds of love. Each of us in Fuya wants to help those who need our Support & Help in this way.
2019-5-20 Fuya Charity 2
2019-5-20 Fuya Charity 3
2019-5-20 Fuya Charity 4
2019-5-20 Fuya Charity 5
2019-5-20 Fuya Charity 6
2019-5-20 Fuya Charity 7
2019-5-20 Fuya Charity 8
On September 10th, 2019, at the invitation of customers, Fuya Charity participated in the "Wulong poverty aid public welfare activity in Wuzhou, Guangxi" on September 15th. We are one of the donation units. With the love of dedication and helping poverty students, we also appointed some members of the charity to participate in the activity.
We set out at 3 a.m. and after all the way to the destination of this activity, we saw the innocent smiling faces and expectant eyes of the children, which made our tired bodies suddenly perk up. We sincerely hope that our small strength can help them and light their hope.
2019-5-20 Fuya Charity 9
2019-5-20 Fuya Charity 10
2019-5-20 Fuya Charity 11
2019-5-20 Fuya Charity 12
2019-5-20 Fuya Charity 13
2019-5-20 Fuya Charity 14
2019-5-20 Fuya Charity 15
In this national and even global epidemic, the Chinese people have played a traditional virtue of one side in trouble and all sides in support. The Fuya Charity has also done its best to contribute to the epidemic. In the early stage, we searched the donation channels on the Internet, identified the authenticity of the channels, and finally found the key epidemic prevention and control center of Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital.
2019-5-20 Fuya Charity 16
The official website of Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital released the announcement of "reply to the questions related to the acceptance of love donation by Union Medical College Hospital", and contacted the hospital as soon as possible. With the joint efforts of all members of Fuya Charity, through 12 links with the state owned Assets Management Office of Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital, we found the key epidemic prevention and control center of Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital Finally, the donation of 60000 CNY was successfully donated on February 26, 2020.

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