Why Do the Kids on "18 Kids and Counting" Always Wear Long Denim Skirts?

ITS NOT THEIR RELIGION!!! they are Christian. Im Christian also, and we arent "required" to wear that kind of stuff. They CHOOSE to wear it, there's a big difference. They are a SUPER conservative family, and like to do things old-fashioned ways.

Why Do the Kids on

1. Why do religious women often wear long denim skirts?

I know that somewhere in the old testament it says that men should not wear women's clothing and women should not wear men's clothing. Found it! A woman must not wear men's clothing, nor a man wear women's clothing, for the LORD your God detests anyone who does this. Deuteronomy 22:5 The denim part of the whole thing just comes from it being a popular fabric in today's culture. I love denim skirts... I do not wear them all the time, but I like 'em.

2. Are long denim skirts okay to wear everyday or does it look totally weird?

TOTALLY out of the question. Its soo hippie and will make you look like a middle aged woman at a hippie party(: Just sayinn

Why Do the Kids on

3. What kind of people wear long denim skirts/dresses?

They are people with no fashion sense!

4. which religion defines women to wear long denim skirts?

I am pretty sure you are thinking about some girl whos religion annoys you

5. Why religious girls wear long denim skirts that are sometimes narrow at the hem?

Fashion- they evidently think they look better in them. The laws of being tznius (modest) in Judaism call for them to wear long skirts, it does not dictate the fashion of the skirt. Evidently that has become the fashion amongst them.

6. How to wear a long denim skirt? Shoe & Top Help Please?

Well...um, I guess the cowboy boots would look ok, but long denim skirts are not really attractive unless you are older, and cowboy boots would make you look like a cowgirl, but yea, go for it, I guess

7. Why do religous sects require women to wear long denim skirts?

Cos denim does not rip very easily as it's being removed.

8. Since France outlawed the hajib, can America outlaw those long denim skirts that Pentecostal ladies wear?

Nope. In the US you have the right to be as tasteless in your dress as you like. You do not even have to have religious reasons for it! ..but if a couple of guys in burkas blow **** up, that may change. Ditto for the demin skirts.

9. Where can I locate long denim skirts for my daughter?

there is a store that i used to like to go to wen i was eleven and was my favorite stor...com i was very petite and they had all the right sizes... as well for my friend who had weight problems... we all loved it another one is limited too... : ) hope i helped

10. Are long denim skirts in or out? Whats the best season to wear them?

they are really OUT!! the only skirts that are even close to being in are mini skirts, even cuter w/ leggings...

11. long denim skirts, anyone?

Ha ha, i spotted that long denim skirts seem commonplace with non secular women folk too. i've got observed a considerable volume of Muslim and Jewish women folk who positioned on them. i am uncertain why precisely yet i think it somewhat is because of the fact the denim is a heavier/stiffer fabrics that heavily is not see with the aid of or too physique tight to bare their curves to the worldwide (i comprehend denim could be tight yet those women folk positioned on it loosely so it somewhat is truly reliable at concealing their bodies from the commonplace public eye).

12. Do you automatically associate women in long denim skirts with religious right-wingers?

That would depend if your wearing any clothes ABOVE that looong denim skirt!

13. Why do the kids on "18 Kids and Counting" always wear long denim skirts?

They follow the Quiverfull movement. It's not because they are Christian

14. Church where women have long hair and wear long denim skirts?

Your kind of making an assumption, but around here a lot of pentacostal women (Church of God) women dress this way

15. why do girls wear long denim skirts?

even though i think long denim skirts arent nice i agree with fire and ice, (hey that rhymed) some people dont feel the need to show off what they got

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