Why Do so Many Handbag Designers Study Fashion Design As a Major Instead of Accessories Design ? (RE

I am in the same predicament as you! I want to go to FIT to be a handbag designer and Ive heard of some handbag designers that got a Fashion Design degree to do handbag lines inside of Accessories Design. I think that maybe the Fashion design is more specific since you are working more closely with fabrics. I am still wondering whether or not I should do Accessories or Fashion and am still doing my research on which program is better.

Why Do so Many Handbag Designers Study Fashion Design As a Major Instead of Accessories Design ? (RE 1

1. FASHION Design in Southern California?

I had a friend start a jewelry business when she was 15 just like you. She is now 23 living in Chicago and selling her designs wholesale. And she is making a decent living at it. however, she was smart and attained a business degree from the University of Michigan. Just something to think on.

2. where is the best place to study fashion design?

I would say London, or that is my private opinion at the least. Various their underground trend is so dope and you can meet quite a bit less hypebeasts in London than you will in ny. I simply suppose the avenue trend in London is grand. Quite exceptional designers come from the tuition of Arts London, but the big apple produce some beautiful high-quality individuals too

Why Do so Many Handbag Designers Study Fashion Design As a Major Instead of Accessories Design ? (RE 2

3. i'm a fashion design student. i'm gonna do my final collection now. i need themes for it. suggest some theme.?

For a project i did all alice and wonderland.....encluding the queen of hearts dress made with a deck of cards. a theme could be outfits made of thigs all around the house. or outerspace/out of this world. An underwater theme would look very cool. Depending on what carrer you are looking at you could do costumes for famouse charectors in literature, or outfits epicting different classes in our world

4. Beginner fashion design student trying to find a sewing machine?

My first thought is that is not this something they cover at the beginning of your courses, telling you what kind of machine is suitable? You can not be the first student who is not sure what to buy. A serger and a sewing machine are two separate machines that operate quite differently. You can sew stretchy fabrics/knits with a sewing machine but a serger does some kinds better and more easily, and does things a sewing machine just can not do. And vice versa. What I would do if I were you would be to find a local sewing machine sales/service place, go in there and talk to them. Have them show you the different machines they have, explain the features, and see what they have that's a good fit for your needs and your budget. And you will probably find that a high end used machine is a better deal than a cheaper brand new one.

5. Which institute is better for fashion design in Chandigarh- IIFD or INIFD?

When it comes to Career and Studies its IIFD.but moreover if someone wants to enjoy and have fun instead caring for career can head toward inifd or any other institute.i usually heard of iifd have that this institution have records in fashion shows, events and international exposure... further you just visit their campus in chandigarh....

6. Name And Symbol For My Fashion Design Company?

i like all the a's but hate all the b's

7. Where are some places i can work at 16 to prepare me for fashion design?

hmm. you could try stores like wet seal, dots, and old navy. anything that has its own creative fashion so you can get in tune with your inner designer :)

8. So how does a one-year AAS degree from FIT or FIDM in fashion design compared to a two-year one?

I didnt know that FIT had any kind of accelerated program. you will need a portfolio to get in anyway, as you will for FIDM. finish the undergrad degree, go to law school.... draw in your spare time....

9. is 60 years old too old to enroll in fashion design school?

If you got a PASSION then GO FOR IT!

10. I want to learn fashion design and sewing, help??

This site has a product that will help you start your designing. You will be able to make outfits for your self, and others. This is similar to a kit that I used when I took my designing course in the 1960's. I have just repurchased it. Take a look at the videos, and you can always get more patterns. But this will help you to get started. This is one I would recommend and I have been sewing and designing for over 50 years

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