Why Do People Wear "Skinny Jeans"?

Skinny jeans look awesome on men with certain body types. I love the look of a tall, slim guy in skinny jeans personally. They look ridiculous on men that are more muscular, fatter or short. It also depends on the brand of denim as to wether they fit right. Quality skinny jeans should fit properly and a man with any sort of fashion sense will know if they fit him properly. If they do not he should not be buying them.

Why Do People Wear

1. Why is denim suitable for making bags decorated with notions?

Denim is sturdy and hard wearing, but still fairly easy to sew. Denim also goes with a lot of casual styles so it is versatile. You can use new denim from a fabric store or recycle old jeans. The decorations you use will make it unique and your very own. Are you planning on making a bag for yourself? Have fun and be creative.

2. Can denim shorts be worn with pantyhose?

no, it will look tacky. you can wear pantyhose with dress shorts though, just not denim

Why Do People Wear

3. Tips on getting stains out of white denim?

hi..i would try hand cleaner like mechanics use. i use it on all kinds of stains including grease on a baby blanket and rust in a carpet. rub it on, let it sit for a half hour, then wash or wipe off with a damp cloth. good luck.

4. Where can I find a denim prom dress...?

in 1983 Hey, wanna borrow my time machine?

5. What should I wear with leggings and a denim mini skirt?

a fitted black tee shirt would look nice:) along with a powder blue one. but if your going for a classy look a tanktop always looks good.

6. Where can I get cute denim skirts?

limited too or denim im small and love them:


keep on with Brother - in uncomplicated words via truth the school paid $800 for the sewing gadget does no longer propose an similar gadget heavily is not waiting to be presented for much less money. start up travelling Brother sellers and tell them you choose for to be able to stitch delicate fabrics as will has heavy denim. Ask for an representation, highly for hemming jeans - this must be the numerous confusing of all sewing recommendations. If the gadget has the flexibility to stitch via 12 layers of denim (flat-felled seam in hem of jeans), then it ought to cope with something. you with the exception of mght be sure for a difficulty-loose to stay with buttonhole function - take a button with you for the demo in uncomplicated words in case the broking service does no longer have one. you with the exception of mght be sure for an adjustable blind hem function that ought to grant a subtle stitch and not in any respect lengthy, close stitches showing on the exterior of the garment. The broking service may rather have a 2 for one and comprise a serger, in case you choose for to steer sparkling of that route. attempt stress the sewing machines and then purchase the gadget you want optimal appropriate from the broking service you want optimal appropriate

8. What top to wear with long fitted denim cuffed shorts?

a long striped tee, with ballet flats or flip flops

9. What to wear with this denim vest?

NO way...on no account waer denim with denim except its the best comparable coloration..yet even then its a biiiiigggg no..youll appear as if a cowboy...positioned on it with a lovable skirt or skinny leg trousers in shade of white,black or blue have relaxing XX

10. Have you seen the commercial with a little baby in denim diapers?

It means babies can be cool too, especially if their parents shell out money for denim-looking diapers. Cool when they poo. Yikes, who dreams up these commercials???? Boys are harder to potty-train than girls, seems like the commercial's intent is to keep them in diapers longer and if they are looking cool at say, 2 years old, then why rush it? More diapers sold, more profits.

11. What to wear with this denim shirt?

It's really cute! You should wear it with white/brown short shorts:) OR a white/brown short skirt..but not too short though=] Good luck girlie! Hope you look fabbbbulous

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What Should Cotton and Linen Denim Pay Attention to so that It Won't Fade
Will cotton and linen denim fade after washing? Believe it or not, in fact, just have the right way to clean cotton and linen denim, you can adhere to their color and pants shape. The denim manufacturer tells you that cotton and linen denim is different from other materials. It is recommended that we do not use washing machines and dryers, because the heat generated by the machine is very simple, which makes the denim shrink and fade. Therefore, the simplest way to clean cotton and linen denim is the most useful.1. Cotton and linen denim do not have to be washed after wearingDenim is a very dirt resistant fabric, so we don't need to clean it every time we wear it. When it's dirty, we can clean it properly. Excessive cleaning frequency will make it fade and old.2. Try not to use the washing machineCowboys are generally thick and hard, so most of them will be cleaned by washing machine, but the washing time will damage the color and shape of cowboys, so hand washing is the correct way.3. Do not use the drying bucketAfter washing machine, similarly, the drying bucket and dryer must not be used! Find a sunny climate and Hang cotton and linen denim to dry naturally, which can make it wear longer.4. Reduce the use of cleaning agentAlthough some detergent will add color locking formula, it will actually decolorize cotton and linen denim, so less detergent should be used when cleaning cotton and linen denim. The best thing is to soak it in water and vinegar for an hour. It can not only clean cotton and linen denim, but also prevent discoloration. Don't worry about the smell of vinegar remaining on your pants. When you dry, the vinegar will transpiration and the taste will disappear.5. Cleaning of key areasAssuming that cotton and linen denim only needs some local stains, it might as well only focus on cleaning this small piece of land.6. Steam cleaningThere's another way you must have never tested! When you take a bath, you might as well hang them in the bathroom. Steam and shower gel will gradually penetrate into cotton and linen denim cloth, which can not only clean, but also make the smell fragrant.7. Do not wash with hot waterIf you really don't like cleaning cotton and linen denim with vinegar, you must also choose warm water and soak it in warm detergent for 20 minutes.
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