Which Brand of Denim Jeans Are Best for Me?

I truly have 2 pairs of thin denims that are actual fab, they do not bypass baggy on the legs after donning greater beneficial than as quickly as, and that they have got been low value too. They have been from undeniable old omit Selfridge. hollow denims are the worst. :)

Which Brand of Denim Jeans Are Best for Me? 1

1. What do you think of the slim legged denim jeans and will you wear them?

Stovepipe was one thing - straight and loose. Slim leg is different like pencil leg pants...tight all the way down. And I really dislike them both

2. Girls, what color denim jeans do you like more on a guy?

I love blue jeans, black (gay) white (too gay) and any other color just a man dressed in drag!!! oh yeah, and I hate seeing a man's butt in their jeans..i love it when they are muscular in torso and flat in the butt..I've got enough junk in my trunk so I guess that's why i hate seeing theirs. ..:) just my opinion.

Which Brand of Denim Jeans Are Best for Me? 2

3. how to dress with light colored denim jeans for men?

tricky task. look into over the search engines. that might help!

4. What are your priorities when it comes to buying clothing?

Yeah, I am the same way. I do not mind spending hundred bucks on a nice warm or dressy jacket. But when it comes to jeans, I wait until they are on sale for thirty bucks or less. The other day I was shopping and Blue Notes had a sale for two pair of denim jeans for forty bucks and tax. They seem to be really good quality also.I pay attention to the material, I prefer denim in 98% cotton & 2% spandex. No poly. When it comes to shirts, I spend no more than twenty bucks.

5. How do I get rid off period stains in really light denim jeans?

Try hand washing them in very cold water with a little bit of shampoo. If that does not work than try hydrogen peroxide. You can also soak them in very cold water and put in a teaspoon of salt for every quart of water.

6. who here wears the denim jeans shorts either you made?

ive reread this question three times and still dont get it

7. What are cute outfits to wear with my gray denim jeans from forever 21? 10 pts?

Well pretty much anything goes with grey but neon will look really awesome because it will give that pop of color that gray sometimes needs. neon pink will look great. also neon yellow will look really cool

8. What would go well with these boots?

I really do enjoy putting on long skirts occasionally. They may be actually convenient than Denim jeans and also much less hot to wear

9. is wearing denim jeans on female halal?

you are asking a majority hypocrites about the law of allah. most of them do not even know the answer. look up the ruling of all 4 madhabs. look up the dress of all of the sahaba women. pants are haram according to all that. but halal according to these 14 year old girls. you choose what to follow but may allah protect you from haram and blindness

10. do denim jeans and uggs look good together?

Yes it looks fine. I wear them with those colorful nike short things and i dont get any funny stares, so their bound to look good with denim shorts.

11. What is the best type of shoe to wear with a blazer and denim jeans for a wedding?

My best suggestion would be a pair of block heel mules. You can check out some other shoes that are in trend for the season at: Spring/Summer Shoe Trends 2017: Update Your Closet Now - Posherry

12. Is it ok to wear dark wash denim jeans with a dressy top and heals to the theater?

Well,duh! I would just wear whatever I want to

13. What are the best beginner raw denim jeans?

I would probably look first at Gustin. If you are new to denim then a good place to start might be Put This On, Episode 1: Denim

14. Could i be allergic to denim jeans?

u might be or it could be something else around you

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