Where Can I Buy High Waist Denim Shorts? also Floral Vintage Looking Dresses? Tribal Or Loose Flowy

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Where Can I Buy High Waist Denim Shorts? also Floral Vintage Looking Dresses? Tribal Or Loose Flowy  1

1. what are those one pants called?

You might be thinking of high waist pants. Avoid anything high waist in denim. Need I point out Jessica Simpson's recent FAIL and the ever so chic "mom jeans?" Heels are a nice touch; they will lengthen your body and help your legs appear slimmer.

2. Is it cute to wear a Black fitted Tank Top with a white High waist ruffle skirt? Any suggestions?

dont wear the pink belt..a brown would be nice, the really small thin ones .. some black heals or beige

Where Can I Buy High Waist Denim Shorts? also Floral Vintage Looking Dresses? Tribal Or Loose Flowy  2

3. Why do people stare at my stomach when I wear a crop top with high waist skirt?

I would stare, too, if their bellies are bigger than their boobs! I would stare, too, if their bellies seems like their preggers, and they are giving me attention.

4. i have a black high-waist pencil skirt but what can i wear with it and look good. thanks!?

the shirt that the second person suggested but in white without a belt

5. Would a high waist bathing suit/bikini look bad on a girl who is not skinny but not plus sized either?

I have never seen them on regular sized young people. I think they look weird. Do you like high waisted pants? Try going to a swimsuit store and try it on first. Even if you cant try that one just grab any one to see.

6. Would a high waist bathing suit/bikini look bad on a girl who is not skinny but not plus sized either?

High waisted bakini's just look awkward. They do not look good unless you are like a size 3

7. im 34 wide and 34 long in pants for men, what would be my size for women in high waist skinny pants?

A 34 waist in woman's sizes would be somewhere between a 12-16, depending on the store and the brand. And they still would not fit because of the basic differences between a man's and a woman's body. Women's clothes are cut on the assumption there's a 7 to 10 inch difference between the waist and hip measurement. Men's clothes have about a 2-4 inch difference. Woman have narrower waists and larger hips. Additionally, the front crotch curve is cut very different for men's jeans. There's more of a bend in the curve for men, so a small "break" forms when they are worn. This break takes the shape of a small pouch for the male parts. Women's jeans are cut with a J curve, there's no break and the front compresses to the stomach to help them fit better. Also woman's jeans are cut deeper in the back for a woman's more ample derriere. Men usually have flatter backsides, so this booty room is not needed. Finally, there are differences in the rise, that is, the height from crotch to waistband. All jeans have a longer rise in the back that the front, this is to go over the buttocks but women's jeans -even lower rise jeans -have a longer rise in both front and back than men's. Men's jeans sit a couple inches below the belly button -with a waist hip difference of 2 inches. Woman's standard fit are either at the belly button or one inch below -with a waist hip difference of 5-7 inches. Women's high waist jeans fit several inches above the belly button, where a woman's body is at its narrowest with ten inches difference between waist to hip. So in response to your question: you can not wear high waisted skinny pants made for woman, even at the equivalent size of 14. They would be too tight in the waist, too large in the hips, you would have crushed balls and the butt would sag with excess fabric. There are huge differences between male and female bodies, especially in the way clothes are cut and how they fit.

8. Appropriate shoes to wear with skirts?

High waist floral, or patterned skirts are definitely in this season. To stay comfy and trendy try wearing a bright colorful ballet flat that picks up a secondary color in the skirt. For example if the skirt is predominately red w/ gold detail wear gold ballet flats. If you feel comfortable wearing tights you can, there's no right or wrong answer to that, but if you are going to wear tights make it a neutral color that blends in with your skin

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