What to Wear with a Denim Dress?

No belt since it will clash with the zipper. You can wear a pair of patterned or colored tights underneath. Sandals or flats would both look great

What to Wear with a Denim Dress? 1

1. How do you feel about colored denim?

very cute and appropriate for spring/summer. PLUS, it's a staple piece. You can just wear a plain top and vans/boots/heels and add some bracelets or a necklace or other accessories that you like and be ready to go! I suggest pastel colors too. :)

2. can average people tell the difference in denim?

I think average people can tell the good fit of denim and can tell expensive jeans from cheap jeans. I am also a Se7en and rock republic girl and I always get compliments about my jeans

What to Wear with a Denim Dress? 2

3. are jeggings made from denim?

Jeggings Supre

4. I will make you an outfit ( 4 school or whatever)

Fave colors: I like earthy colors, creams, dark greens, blacks, browns, maroon Where I shop: Forever 21 (mostly where I shop), Delias, Abercrombie&fitch (sometimes) My style: it's kind of different and unique. kind of indie (I love destroyed denim! preferebly skinny jeans) Haircolor: brownish/black Skin tone: soft tan. Colors I hate: light pinks, orange. thanks so much! :)

5. Tips on getting stains out of white denim?

hi..i would try hand cleaner like mechanics use. i use it on all kinds of stains including grease on a baby blanket and rust in a carpet. rub it on, let it sit for a half hour, then wash or wipe off with a damp cloth. good luck.

6. FASION EXPERTS : Do I wear this revealing shirt with denim shorts, denim mini skirt, or tight jeans?

id say tight jeans

7. Would leggings and shorts (not denim) look okay for the beach?

NO DEFINATLEY not try a long thing sweater of some sort with those leggings or soemthing DEF. NOT SHORTS WITH THOSE

8. Is it ok to wear denim skirt with black fishnet stockings?

Its almost always OK to wear a red garter belt, as long it is not under something white where it will show through. They are especially effective with sheer black stockings. Try to get the sheerest slipperiest kind you can find, so they not only look great, but they feel ultra sexy. Those sticky thigh highs always wrinkle and are no where near as sexy as the garter belt. Guys love the way the little straps pull on the stockings, especially if you walk around a little bit first. Good Luck

9. What goes well with men's denim shirts?

You can never go wrong with a pair of nicely fitted jeans. The colour, of course needs to be in contrast with your shirt. Also, you can keep your shirt open in front (wear a thin t-shirt) , and pair it up with a tanned or a black jeans for a more casual look.

10. Seventeen Freebie Codes for August 2010 Please?

1)boyfriend 2)legging 3-icon 4-shirt 5-shorts 6-blue 7-vest 8-runaway 9-maggie 10-bleached 11-dress 12-virgo 13-virginia 14-cutoff 15-detail 16-jegging 17-cross 18-tiedye 19-fragile 20-sulfur 21-lace 22-studded 23-skirt 24-jean 25-moto 26-repair 27-suspender 28-capri 29-stripes 30-ripped 31-frayed Grand Prize code: denim

11. Who else thinks "denim diapers" are the dumbest idea ever?

It is silly but... it did exactly what it was intended to do- create buzz about the brand. Some people who have not used the brand before will find this humorous and cute and that is what they were aiming for. I think the commercial is cute. That baby is such a hunk in his oxford shirt and denim diaper...lol

12. What canI wear with denim leggings?

yeah i always do! :) they have loadsssss in primark!

13. Twill shorts or denim shorts :]?

I love, Love, LOVE denim. They match everything. =]

14. Are these denim capris cute/ugly/ok??

We, those are very cute =)


try a cute top-something simple yet so cute that you can get from Forever 21 stores. it should show some skin but not too much and you should feel comfortable in it: if it fits like a glove then get it

16. what are a good pair of denim juniors jeans?

Levis last a really long time:) Miss me's are good, I love demmmm.

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