What Should I Wear to a 5sos Concert?

A few girls I know went to a 5sos concert and they all wore 'pop punk' clothing.. Like for example, a leather jacket, ripped denim jeans, vans/converse and a casual white top (I am a guy, I do not know the types!) But the best way to get their attention is to wear what you want. Dress how you want, dress for the occasion, ie do not wear a dress unless you plan on standing still for the concert.. Or people seeing up it! Dress how you want but dress for the occasion, maybe a little salute to them.. (Ie a band bracelet or some accessory in the fashion of that type of music..) Hope I helped!

What Should I Wear to a 5sos Concert? 1

1. How to rock the smart casual office look in denim jeans?

Jeans, way too casual? Some of us certainly think so. Many women save the denim for weekends or Casual Fridays because they dare not wear it to the office. Well, it's time to think outside the box - jeans can definitely work with many pieces in our wardrobe to make us look chic, trendy, and work-ready. Need proof? We've curated 32 inspirational ideas spotted on Pinterest - head up to the gallery to take a look! And if you need advice, here are some quick tips... How to wear your jeans in the office? When selecting a good pair of jeans to last you at least a year, make sure you pick out a pair that is made of raw denim - not the type that is dyed an unusual shade or made of various synthetic materials with random bits of embroidery or rhinestones attached to it. A pair that is just "raw canvas" will give a minimalistic, elegant look. Plus, they wo not appear "washed out" or "bleached" after just a few washes. Slim and skinny cuts are ideal, and the hemlines should look impeccable, either rolled or cropped at the ankles, or even tailored to suit your height if the legs seem to long. Avoid that "accordion" look, whereby the hemline falls on your shoes. To complete the workwear look, focus on wearing classics such as a blazer jacket and white shirt. Standard accessories like a nice pair of heeled shoes or, for those who like a more boyish style, some moccasins, can create a sleek appearance. Sneakers are fine, as long as they are immaculate and spotless (not your regular running sneakers!). Slip on a beautiful belt, add a practical bag like a small briefcase or large clutch, some fine jewellery, and you are ready to head to the office! Now Trending: 10 Pairs of boyfriend jeans to toughen up your look Jeans, pyjamas, bras and towels: How frequently should we wash them?

2. do denim jeans and uggs look good together?

Yes it looks fine. I wear them with those colorful nike short things and i dont get any funny stares, so their bound to look good with denim shorts.

What Should I Wear to a 5sos Concert? 2

3. Whats the most effective way to remove dried ink stains from denim jeans?

For a washed and dried ink stain on jeans -- I tried every chemical I could find. Nail polish remover, ammonia, cleaning solvent, commercial stain remover, Gunk, Ajax, lots of elbow grease, etc. Nothing could remove the black ink stain. Stain actually came from an ordinary ball point pen that got into the wash because it was left in a shirt pocket. From experience, I must say that the ink was permanent. At work, whenever I acquired a fresh ink or coffee stain, I would rush to the bathroom and flush and saturate it with soapy paste and try to blot it out with water -- never minding the wet & wrinkled mess it made of the outfit that I had to wear home. But I notice that by initially attacking the stain as soon as I could, I was pretty much always able to remove it completely in the next wash. I will try Lestoil, Thanks for question & answer.

4. Do alot of people wear Selvage denim jeans with the cuff's folded outward?

Yes because as you said they want to show off the fact that the jeans are selvage. Even though I am sure most people do not even know what that means

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