What Are the Differences Between These Majors?

You've mentioned five majors: styling, fashion design, costume design, marketing, merchandising. For styling, especially personal, you should check the state where you will work. Stylists in many states have pushed for licensing laws designed to discourage people. You should ask what courses are required and how many thousands of hours you have to spend working for a licensed stylist to get your own license. Fashion design means working for a fashion house designing clothes. For a school, look into the Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC. Costume design implies designing costumes for theater, opera, and ballet companies. Marketing and merchandising are whole different ends of the business. You would be selling clothes designed at a fashion house to stores. Or you would be working for stores to sell clothes to consumers. You would have to know something about fashion, but you would not be on the creative side. For schools, try business schools at large universities.

What Are the Differences Between These Majors? 1

1. What is Cornell's Fashion Design Program like?

Why would you go to an Ivy league school for fashion design that's such a waste of money, especially when your tuition will be more than the salary of an average fashion designer

2. Fashion design drawer?

You do not have to be most fashion designers use software to make such things

What Are the Differences Between These Majors? 2

3. What are good schools for Fashion and Design? And what can I do to better prepare myself?

fashion institute of technology(FIT) or LIM... they are both located in new york... i do not believe either of these school really look at your sats, they look at what sort of fashion experience you have on your record/ transcript if your high school offers a fashion class.. some do

4. whats graphic/textile/fashion design? whats the difference?

There is a few things to design and some you use computers (graphic design) some you paint.. some you just look and say what is ok and what is not

5. How should I get into fashion design when I can't...?

Sewing can be a natural skill or you can just learn it by yourself. I have a natural skill in sewing and design, even though I'm not so good with free-hand sketching. I started off sewing with a private teacher and it went on from there. I learned quickly and now I'm in college studying art and going on to fashion and design. I know you said you didn't want to, but it is good to look online for sewing type stuff. You want to test out different stitches and maybe look up novice patterns. Maybe just make a basic cushion first? You will need a sewing machine and yes, you can get cheap and good quality ones. Trust me, after your first project you will feel amazing that you completed it and made something yourself. And when you have the confidence you can go on to making garments and other types of stuff in textiles.

6. Can I take pictures of clothes I made and put in a fashion design portfolio for college?

Check out the requirements for which schools you are applying to. Whoever said not to put photos in your portfolio? That's what you are supposed to do lol ;) Good luck!! :)

7. Need layouts for fashion design portfolio?

Professional Fashion Design Portfolio

8. will an unfashionable asian fit in a fashion design college abroad?

It does not matter if you personally do not have a good sense of fashion. It's what you bring to the table and what you can design that counts. Follow your dream. Louis was most likely unfashionable in his childhood.

9. As an aspiring fashion design major, what type of college/university should I look into?

you can do your business girl do ever what you want to do

10. Parsons or FIT: what is a better school for fashion design?

Either school would make you unemployed after graduation. Choose something more realistic. You do not want to spend your life walking from soup kitchen to bread line.

11. pursuing my fashion design career..sounds good??

Sounds fantastic! Good luck!

12. Hi there, does anyone know any korean university which accepts transfer student for fashion design course?

i do not understand why you Ned to go to korea to finish, it Dasi not make any Sense to me

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