What Are Good Career Choices and Collages (in NY)?

There are fields in art that are in high demand with employers. For example, video game design, broadcast and motion graphics (that's doing titles for film and tv), and other forms of digital media. But even the "fine" arts have demand - you can become a scenic painter for theater, or design textiles for industry, or become a graphic designer or illustrator... there are ways to make money in art. If you study something that's got some demand, go to a good art program, do an internship, and come out with a strong portfolio, you can do just fine. And if you want to hedge your bets, do not go to a pure art school. Instead, go to a good university that has a strong art program. In that way, if you change your mind about pursuing art, you can make a change to something else. In addition, if you really wanted to study an art field that is related to business (graphic design, fashion design, etc.), if you go to one of the top colleges in that field, you should do well. RISD, for example, for graphic design. FIT for fashion design. Pratt for interior design. Etc. If you are thinking about majoring in art, I will give a list of the best art programs in NY, both in pure art schools and at broad universities, and perhaps that will help you begin thinking about what you want to do: - Pratt - Parsons - School of Visual Arts - Syracuse U - SUNY Purchase - Fashion Institute of Technology - Rensselaer Polytechnic (for digital media) - SUNY Alfred (NY State College of Ceramics) (for ceramics and glass) - Rochester Institute of Technology - Bard College - Rutgers New Brunswick (yes, I know it's in NJ, but it's close) - Cornell - NYU

What Are Good Career Choices and Collages (in NY)? 1

1. I want to ask about fashion designing.?

In FIDM site says: The curriculum stimulates creative expression in all aspects of fashion design, including fashion sketching, creative design, computer applications, draping, and pattern drafting. Students will understand the importance of communication and critical reasoning and the effect they have on this diversified and global industry. The program is structured to challenge and inspire students by incorporating artistic, technical, and theoretical elements into a realistic approach to the fashion design industry. Go to FIDM site and you will get more information.

2. Im ten and I love fashion designing. I want to make my cloths to wear.. but how?

I was exactly like how you were 7 years ago. Well I loved making clothes too and how I started was I just sketched. I bought a sketch book and pencils and just let my ideas flow onto the paper. When I was 13 my parents signed me up for sewing classes at a local sewing/craft store. There I was able to work on sewing machines for free and learn tons of skills. Then during my past 2 years at high school I took design classes at my school that they offered and even started my own club for designers. This past birthday I finally got my own sewing machine and I am planning on taking Saturday classes next year at the local community college for fashion design. I am not planning on becoming a famous designer it is more of a hobby, but if you have the drive to do it you can! I do not really think you can make clothes without taking classes first so I would suggest looking that up. Good luck! :)

What Are Good Career Choices and Collages (in NY)? 2

3. Im very talented at designing But NO one will give me a chance =(?

The same way I became a graphic designer. I worked 5 jobs to pay my way through college. I did not take any handouts or scholarships. I humbled myself and worked jobs that I thought were below me. I do not doubt your talent. But it takes more than talent to be successful. It takes gumption and character. There is nothing wrong with being confident but do not let your ego get the best of you. Obviously you have a passion for fashion design and have shown that you have enthusiasm for it. For something you love so much, leave nothing to chance. Be bold take initiative. If you cannot find a scholarship to go to college, then find another way to pay for it. You can not wait for success to find you. Yes to achieve this goal of yours will be hard but if you really want to peruse this you will have to be determined. You may have to face obstacles and discouragement, like when your teachers threw away all your work. Persevere - To persist in or remain constant to a purpose, idea, or task in the face of obstacles or discouragement.

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