Show You the Fabric of Jeans and How to Buy High-quality Jeans

Denim should be very familiar to everyone. Jeans are the most commonly seen. It can be said that there are a few in everyone's wardrobe. Jeans can enter thousands of households, mainly due to the three advantages of denim fabric, one is wear-resistant and more flavor, the other is versatile and not pick people, and the other is moisture permeability and comfort. Today, Xiaobian will tell you why denim has these advantages and how to buy high-quality denim.What is denim?Denim is generally made of cotton yarn, twill weave and yarn dyed process. It belongs to a kind of cotton twill. If you carefully observe the denim, you can clearly see the oblique grain. Now denim fabrics are also developed into cotton, wool, silk, hemp and chemical fiber blends, but they are mainly cotton, cotton polyester blends and cotton ammonia blends. The higher the spandex content, the better the elasticity.

Show You the Fabric of Jeans and How to Buy High-quality Jeans 1

Due to the different yarn thickness and textile density, denim can be divided into light, medium and heavy. The light fabric weighs 200-340g per square meter, the medium fabric weighs 340-450g per square meter, and the heavy fabric weighs more than 450g per square meter. The heavier the fabric, the thicker the fabric, and the better the wear resistance and firmness.Characteristics of denimMoisture absorption and air permeability: because denim is usually woven with cotton or yarn with high cotton content, it has the excellent characteristics of moisture absorption, air permeability and comfort.

Wear resistance: the yarns used in denim are less than 20, the yarns are relatively thick, and the textile is relatively tight, so the firmness and wear resistance of the fabric are relatively good.

The older the denim, the more it tastes: this characteristic of denim is mainly because its yarn dyeing process is different from that of other fabrics. In general, yarn dyed weaving is to soak the yarn in the dye so that the dye can penetrate into the yarn, while denim yarn uses a process called "indigo dyeing". In other words, it only dyes the surface of the yarn, Moreover, Indigo is a non solid color. With wearing and constant friction, the indigo on the surface will gradually fade, and the white yarn will slowly appear. So the more white jeans go through, the more delicious they go through. Some jeans have many white places when they are bought because the manufacturer deliberately whitens them, mainly to create an old style, and some are woven into white yarn.

And all kinds of clothes: there are two main colors of denim, one is black (with a little white in black) and the other is indigo (with a little white in blue). Black and white belong to colorless, which is harmonious with clothes of any color. Indigo can be said to be a color that kills the trend circle, that is, it is fashionable no matter how you wear it.These characteristics of denim cast the advantages of denim, which is also the reason why it can be loved by the public.How to buy good denim

Show You the Fabric of Jeans and How to Buy High-quality Jeans 2

1. Look with your eyes. Good denim fabric, whether on the front or back, must be very fresh, with clear lines, uniform and straight lines, closely arranged, without too many black spots and other flying impurities. The white yarn will be slightly yellow, and those pure white with reflection must be polyester chemical fiber. If sand washing is done, there will be a nostalgic effect, and the weft on the bottom will appear yellow, which is also normal.2. Touch it with your hand. Hand touch is mainly to feel the fit and texture of denim fabric by hand. When touching, you should not only pinch with your fingers, but cover the jeans with your whole palm and slide up and down repeatedly, so as to deeply feel the fitness of the fabric. A good denim fabric should be smooth without roughness.

When touching with your hand, it doesn't mean that the softer the better. The yarn count of denim is not high, so it can't be very soft. Some high-grade denim will be hard because the yarn is arranged too closely, and the denim with high twist and good firmness will also be hard. Those very soft denim are basically treated with softener or liquid ammonia in the washing process. Generally speaking, denim fabric should rely on its own natural characteristics to achieve a close fitting style. If it relies too much on chemical treatment to achieve soft effect, it is actually unfavorable to the texture of the fabric and human health.

Black Denim3. Smell with your nose. Smell close to the fabric. Good denim fabric should not have any irritation or other chemical odor. Those with special odor are caused by excessive chemical treatment.Through the three steps of eye observation, hand touch and nose smell, I believe you should be able to preliminarily judge whether a denim belongs to a good fabric. In addition, good denim fabrics should not only achieve beautiful appearance, comfortable fit, wear resistance, moisture absorption and perspiration, and wrinkle resistance, but also fully reflect the style that the more washed the denim is, the more old the denim is, and the more delicious it is.

Little knowledge: those cowboy libraries that make particularly fancy or label decorations are often not good cowboy fabrics. The main purpose of businesses is to use these to attract the attention of buyers, so as to reduce the attention of buyers to fabrics. Good cowboy libraries are often simple in style.

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