Is Fashion Design Considered Visual Art?

Yes I think it would ,because the design part comes from you alone and what your mind sees. So learning visual art should help you learn how to put your thoughts down on paper

Is Fashion Design Considered Visual Art? 1

1. fashion design or dance for high school? school offers neither so it would be extra curricular?

as u r interested in fashion design and if u have creativity this is fine and good whenever u find time do work on fashion designing on paper and when u feel bored or unhappy sad u try to dance for hot music dances as well u said that u r also intersted in dance but just for fun then u can just dance in front of the television i mean u try to do the dance as the people who dance in the t.v u dont need to go to some one and learn the dance and spend the time there

2. What is a better career choice Fashion Design or Interior Design?

You are one hundred percent correct. Fashion design is indeed quite competitive and also, it's difficult to make a sufficient amount of money. It takes a great while to get a generous salary, unless - of course - you get very lucky and get a break. However, that's highly unlikely. Interior design is a wonderful career path, and it is enjoyable. I suggest going down the interior, rather than the fashion, design path

Is Fashion Design Considered Visual Art? 2

3. New york or london? Which city is the better place to study fashion design?

Maybe you should go to london

4. Does an aspiring fashion designer need to attend college (or a fashion design school like Parsons)?

Absolutely yes! Or you wo not get anywhere your career

5. What to study? 'Fashion Design' or 'Graphics Design'?

It depends on what kind of graphics you want printed. Are you looking for more of the illustrative approach? Graphics and Illustration. Or do you want to design how patterns appear on a shirt and how the fabric falls? Simpler explanation: Graphics & Illustration: see Fashion Design: see a sewing machine & the nearest Hobby Lobby (You will find tons of designers on threadless, check out their work, many have their own stores).

6. whats graphic/textile/fashion design? whats the difference?

i just know that graphics and textile is a same thing or not.what is difference between them?

7. How does Fashion Design and physics relate?

both lead to jobs that pay very little

8. Do I have what it takes to be a model or am I better suited for fashion design?

Yes. Just look at the show "The next American top model" most of the girls their are good to average looking

9. Any one know about any good or bad Fashion Design schools???

i dont know schools but theres progect runway have you heard of it

10. Hi!! I need a partner to start a fashion design business.?

sounds good. i love fashion, but i cant sew lol i have a great eye for design though. well im a great writer and communicator so if you need someone to help you write and publicize your designs, count me in lol :)

11. Which is best college for fashion design?? FIT or parsons or UCLA?

I agree with the person above typing that way might be okay for texting and on social networks but not okay on a website such as this, especially when you are discussing which schools you should attend. You are concerned about Parsons being cut throat and people being mean; maybe you should reconsider the industry you want to be in. They are cut throat because the Fashion industry is cut throat and they are one of the hardest industries to be in.

12. Can student art i.e. music, fine art, photography, fashion design etc, be classed as true art or not?

Of course! that's where it starts! Careers' waiting for talent

13. What should I study, fashion design or industrial design?

What do you want? You need to ask yourself where you want to be in 10years, then see if studying any of the two disciplines will help achieve this dream. You also need to research the two disciplines thoroughly

14. is fashion design a visual art?

I dont think so, it is a form of art, but not a visua; art

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In What Fashion Design Is Tooling Denim Used
Tooling denim, as the name suggests, is specially designed for workers. It looks quite professional and formal. According to different positions and industries of workers, the fabrics of work clothes are also different. Here are some brief introductions.1 Tooling denim for professional clothing and uniforms:1. Anti wool: the cloth surface is clean, smooth and elastic, and the lines are straight and full. It is suitable for sewing suits, Zhongshan suits and women's tops.2. Wool polyester: lack of soft and moist feeling of pure wool fabric. The fabric is crisp and prominent, containing polyester fiber. The elasticity is better than pure wool fabric, but the handle is not as good as pure wool. When you grip the fabric tightly, it will become loose and almost free of wrinkles.3. Pure wool: the fabric is flat, bright color, soft and natural, with few defects. It feels very elastic and delicate. It can be quickly restored to the original state after opening, and the crease is not obvious.1. Chemical fiber: bright color, soft texture, good drapability, smooth and comfortable, firm and durable, easy to handle, anti wrinkle, no pilling, easy machine washing and no deformation.2. Wumei Satin: good drapability, soft and smooth, full hand feeling and moderate brightness. It is suitable for promotional clothing, Chinese and Western restaurants, bars, etc.3. Brocade weaving: bright colors, many patterns, high-grade clothes, easy to scrape silk, difficult to feel and high price. It is often used in the ingredients of hotel clothing style.4. Other fashionable fabrics: Gongsi brocade, tooling cloth, serge, washcloth, etc., which can be used for different tooling styles.1. Pure cotton: it has good moisture absorption, soft hand feel, sanitary and comfortable wearing, good dyeing performance, soft luster, natural and beautiful appearance, poor wrinkle resistance and large shrinkage. It is suitable for making high-grade shirts.2. TC: cotton content only accounts for 35% of the total content. There are many kinds of flowers, soft color and easy to care.3. CVC: Cotton accounts for more than 50% of the total output. The fabric has thick lines, good texture and comfortable wearing.4. Suro: high strength, good wear resistance, suitable for fashion clothing.5. Huayao: this kind of fabric is soft and has good drapability. It is mainly used for clothing.To sum up, the tooling denim and matching skills are introduced. I hope it can help you a lot.
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