I Want to Go into Fashion Design so How Should I Prepare?

If you want to be a fashion design. You must work in the fashion industry. There is many fashion company. But not the department store, becuase you going to wrong direction. But i dont know if your age are acceptable or not. I am in fashion industry before so my advice, you can become customer service/assistant designer/spec writer/assistant production coordinator/assistant cost sheet/assistant QC. You must work in fashion industry because you need to learn many thing about the fashion. It take time. If you work long enough and know about the fashion, it is your time to become a designer. Good Luck

I Want to Go into Fashion Design so How Should I Prepare? 1

1. is fashion design a visual art?

I dont think so, it is a form of art, but not a visua; art

2. fashion design, clothing manufacturing?

idk, you might be right but, i think they may do more than that

I Want to Go into Fashion Design so How Should I Prepare? 2

3. List of fashion design colleges?

New York: parsons is very well known, fashion institute of technology, art institute of new york city New Jersey: berkeley college, very good for fashion marketing

4. Can anybody suggest a good college to take fashion design?

Hi! I read that you mentioned FIDM and that is an awesome school to attend for Fashion Design. I am a student here and let me tell you that the overall college and the faculty here are great! They have real life experiences in the field they are teaching, which means the students are getting first-hand experience and FIDM also has great connections with the fashion industry. This in return will help you get a jump-start on your dream career. Go to: www.fidm.edu and look into FIDM a little bit more. . . it may be just what you are looking for :)

5. where would i go to interveiw someone about fashion design???

maybe a botique or like bebe store or bcbg store

6. Sewing Machine/Fashion Design Question(Read Details)?

When you go to bue a sweing machine make shure it has an arm it sticks out an d you can sew things that are round. trust me I wish I had one on My sewing machine

7. Where can I find a good fashion design software where I could download for free? :p?

DIGITAL FASHION PRO! Hailed by fashion design experts as "...a real world manual to starting a fashion business for any apparel designer..." and "...absolutely inspiring..." this comprehensive, fashion industry step-by-step guide to achieving exactly what the title says - is stirring up some much needed energy in the world of fashion and the spirit of entrepreneurs everywhere. Armed with the incredible design software, Digital Fashion Pro, and a multitude of information, including manuals, textbooks, and reference guides - startingaclothingline.com is the ultimate resource to assist an individual and/or company with beginning or enhancing their business endeavor. From the time the concept pops into your head, startingaclothingline.com walks you through the detailed process entailed with actually getting your fashion designs into consumers' closets and retailers' shelves. Good luck with your venture ask more questions if you have any i have other really good resources that may be very very valuable to you in this industry. :o)

8. Portfolio for fashion design college?

They want a book of sketches, notes, idea development, (how sketches were briought to life) inspiration, (pictures, fabric swatches -scrapbook type pages in other words) and photographs of finished dresses, tops, skirt, and other garments made from the inspirations, swatches and sketches. They want pictures of actual clothes that you have made from your sketches, not just a bunch of drawings. Those are the three-d pieces in pictures that they require.

9. What are the electronic gadgets required while studying fashion design in NIFT Mumbai?

No electronic gadgets are required to study design . Use brain , your skills , your stationary , fabric etc

10. where would you shop for fashion design supplies?

MICHEALS! They have everything :) It's like a fashion dream come true

11. What should I study, fashion design or industrial design?

What do you want? You need to ask yourself where you want to be in 10years, then see if studying any of the two disciplines will help achieve this dream. You also need to research the two disciplines thoroughly

12. Colleges that would allow me to major in fashion design and african history? (Can be located anywhere) HELP :(?

List of 25 universities that have programs is design and African History #25. WELLESLEY COLLEGE: WELLESLEY, MASSACHUSETTS - Considered one of the top liberal arts colleges in the country throughout its rich history. #24. BRYN MAWR COLLEGE: BRYN MAWR, PENNSYLVANIA - A member of the tri-college consortium, Bryn Mawr is one of four schools originally founded by Quakers. #23. DAVIDSON COLLEGE: DAVIDSON, NORTH CAROLINA - Davidson College is loosely affiliated in a traditional capacity with the Presbyterian Church of the United States of America. #22. GRINNELL COLLEGE: GRINNELL, IOWA - Grinnell College is a small liberal arts college, with just over 1,500 students. #21. BOWDOIN COLLEGE: BRUNSWICK, MAINE - While the school's emphasis is primarily on undergraduate education, Bowdoin does entertain some post-doctoral students and visiting scholars. #20. SMITH COLLEGE: NORTHAMPTON, MASSACHUSETTS - This private liberal arts college is one of the few women's colleges left. The school is part of the Five College Consortium, which is a collection of colleges students of Smith may attend if they wish. In addition to Smith, these colleges include: Amherst College, The University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Hampshire College, and Mount Holyoke College. #19. OBERLIN COLLEGE: OBERLIN, OHIO - In the small town of Oberlin Ohio, Oberlin College has a rich history. #18. COLBY COLLEGE: WATERVILLE, MAINE - While Colby College offers only undergraduate programs, it has a strong track record regarding graduate school placement. #17. UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND: RICHMOND, VIRGINIA - Originally a Baptist school, the University of Richmond is now a non-sectarian liberal arts university. #16. MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE: MIDDLEBURY, VERMONT - Founded in 1800, It is one of the oldest liberal arts colleges in the United States. #15. POMONA COLLEGE: CLAREMONT, CALIFORNIA Pomona College is the oldest of the five liberal arts colleges in Claremont, and the founding member of Claremont Colleges, an organization whose purpose is to facilitate partnerships and events between the small concentration of colleges in the town. #14. WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY: MIDDLETOWN, CONNECTICUT While its primary focus at the undergraduate level is providing students a strong liberal arts education, what makes WU unique is that its graduate and Ph.D. programs emphasize science and mathematics. #13. MACALESTER COLLEGE: ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA Though the school boasts just around 2,000 undergraduate students, it has a large international population with 90 countries represented in its enrollment. #12. BATES COLLEGE: LEWISTON, MAINE - was one of the first colleges in the United States that was established as a co-educational school, admitting both women and men. #11. CARLETON COLLEGE: NORTHFIELD, MINNESOTA - is focused on providing the best available undergraduate education. #10. COLLEGE OF THE HOLY CROSS: WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS - This Roman Catholic liberal arts university adheres to the Jesuit academic and spiritual tradition. #9. COLGATE UNIVERSITY: HAMILTON, NEW YORK - Founded by Baptists in the early 19th century, Colgate has gone through many transformations, but one thing that has not changed is the school's commitment to quality education. #8. AMHERST COLLEGE: AMHERST, MASSACHUSETTS - It was originally an attempt to relocate Williams College and nearly two hundred years later, Amherst and Williams College are ranked #1 and #2 among liberal arts colleges, which is indicative of their close ties, and the devotion of each to providing high quality education. _The school is exclusively undergraduate, making it a prime choice for students seeking a focused, attentive setting. Unlike larger research universities, the faculty is there exclusively to give undergraduate students their undivided attention. School Website U.S. News Top Liberal Arts College Ranking: #2 30 Year Average Net ROI: $1.02 Million #7. HAMILTON COLLEGE: CLINTON, NEW YORK The college was named by its founder, Samuel Kirkland, after Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, who also sat on the school's board. Long recognized for its distinguished academic tradition. #6. WASHINGTON AND LEE UNIVERSITY: LEXINGTON, VIRGINIA - The second oldest school in Virginia and the ninth oldest in the United States, Washington and Lee University was founded by Presbyterian pioneers, and was supported in its early years by one of its namesakes, George Washington. #5. SWARTHMORE COLLEGE: SWARTHMORE, PENNSYLVANIA - #4. HAVERFORD COLLEGE: HAVERFORD, PENNSYLVANIA - Originally founded as a quaker school, Haverford College has no formal ties to any religion, though it is still greatly influenced by the spirit of the philosophy of its founders, particularly when it comes to education. #3. WILLIAMS COLLEGE: WILLIAMSTOWN, MASSACHUSETTS - is widely considered to be the best liberal arts college in the United States. #2. CLAREMONT MCKENNA COLLEGE: CLAREMONT, CALIFORNIA - One of five undergraduate liberal arts universities located in Claremont, California (along with two graduate universities) that make up the "Claremont Colleges." #1. HARVEY MUDD COLLEGE - It has the highest 30 year average net return on investment of any college in the United States according to payscale. Good luck.

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In What Fashion Design Is Tooling Denim Used
Tooling denim, as the name suggests, is specially designed for workers. It looks quite professional and formal. According to different positions and industries of workers, the fabrics of work clothes are also different. Here are some brief introductions.1 Tooling denim for professional clothing and uniforms:1. Anti wool: the cloth surface is clean, smooth and elastic, and the lines are straight and full. It is suitable for sewing suits, Zhongshan suits and women's tops.2. Wool polyester: lack of soft and moist feeling of pure wool fabric. The fabric is crisp and prominent, containing polyester fiber. The elasticity is better than pure wool fabric, but the handle is not as good as pure wool. When you grip the fabric tightly, it will become loose and almost free of wrinkles.3. Pure wool: the fabric is flat, bright color, soft and natural, with few defects. It feels very elastic and delicate. It can be quickly restored to the original state after opening, and the crease is not obvious.1. Chemical fiber: bright color, soft texture, good drapability, smooth and comfortable, firm and durable, easy to handle, anti wrinkle, no pilling, easy machine washing and no deformation.2. Wumei Satin: good drapability, soft and smooth, full hand feeling and moderate brightness. It is suitable for promotional clothing, Chinese and Western restaurants, bars, etc.3. Brocade weaving: bright colors, many patterns, high-grade clothes, easy to scrape silk, difficult to feel and high price. It is often used in the ingredients of hotel clothing style.4. Other fashionable fabrics: Gongsi brocade, tooling cloth, serge, washcloth, etc., which can be used for different tooling styles.1. Pure cotton: it has good moisture absorption, soft hand feel, sanitary and comfortable wearing, good dyeing performance, soft luster, natural and beautiful appearance, poor wrinkle resistance and large shrinkage. It is suitable for making high-grade shirts.2. TC: cotton content only accounts for 35% of the total content. There are many kinds of flowers, soft color and easy to care.3. CVC: Cotton accounts for more than 50% of the total output. The fabric has thick lines, good texture and comfortable wearing.4. Suro: high strength, good wear resistance, suitable for fashion clothing.5. Huayao: this kind of fabric is soft and has good drapability. It is mainly used for clothing.To sum up, the tooling denim and matching skills are introduced. I hope it can help you a lot.
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Hi!! I Need a Partner to Start a Fashion Design Business.?
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