How Do You Wash Your Designer Denim?

Try washing them by hand

How Do You Wash Your Designer Denim? 1

1. How do you feel about colored denim?

I think they are pretty cool if you wear them right

2. How do you make denim?

Denim starts from cotton fiber that is harvested from fields. Usually large harvesters will "pick" the cotton, and might simultaneously remove the cotton from the shell, which is actually part of the flower, but is hard. I will make historical note here: the large part of slave labor in the United States was dedicated to this task, which was hard on the hands, often leaving splinters and cutting the slaves who would separate the cotton from the shell. The cotton gin, actually defeated slavery by making this process cheaper and giving a higher yield than what could be done by human hands. From there it is bagged and sent to a placed to be spun into thread. This is the process of most cotton-based products undergo. Thread is then spun from the cotton. For denim we then take thread and dye it with indigo traditionally. Indigo is a plant that comes, traditionally from India and found it's way into Europe through the silk roads in 1200. It was one of the cheapest dyes available until the modern era which is why it was chosen for jeans (people like color, apparently). The dying process starts as a green-yellow, but changes as the indigo oxidizes and unlike modern dyes (which pigment the fiber) forms on the surface as another layer.From there, two colors of threads are used, natural/white and the indigo dyed thread, on a loom to make the denim. Denim is set apart by two things: first the indigo, and then, by the weaving process. The weave used for indigo is a traditional twill, which means that the weft, which is the white thread (and on a pair of jeans moves horizontally, just as on the loom), is brought forward for one thread, and pulled behind for two. As it progresses, the thread in which the weft is pulled forward for is moved over one. This is what creates the diagonal pattern. From there, the denim fabric is used to make jeans or anything else you little heart desires to be denim.How do you make denim?

How Do You Wash Your Designer Denim? 2

3. are jeggings made from denim?

If they are made by a brand called supre they are: 79% Cotton, 15% Polyester, 6% Spandex

4. where can i find a denim jumpsuit?

Try Forever21 Charlotte Russe Wetseal Maybe even Victoria's Secret Hollister had one I think a non denim one on their website they call them rompers Hope this Helps!

5. Are American Eagle clothes of good quality?

I bought a woven cotten tank that ripped, but I bought a blazer that's remained a fave for 1 year. I only need to change the threads to keep it fresh, they are fraying. Their jeans are awesome, but denim is pretty hardy. Unless they have been aged in a specific way that can make color run

6. A few questions about dyeing jeans?

Fabric dye would work best but you can use the Rit dye. Add a cup of regular table salt to the water when you add the dye. When you rinse, add a half cup of vinegar to the rinse water to help set the dye. Rinse several times to get rid of the excess dye. 1) Yes, the dye will adhere to ALL of the threads, even the white ones. It will no longer look like denim, but more like a regular pair of pants with evenly distributed coloring. 2) The jeans need to be able to move around so a bucket probably is not going to be enough. Find something large enough for the jeans to be able to swish around a lot or you will end up with a splotchy dye job. As the jeans are soaking, you need to stir and swish! Use a long handled wooden spoon or paint stirring stick or something else that you do not care about, because it will be dyed also. 3) Everything will dye, but if you rinse it well enough, it should not hurt your shoes. 4) Salt/vinegar (see above.) 5) Salt/vinegar (see above.) Before you dye, you may want to try washing the jeans alone several times. Use cold water and a good laundry detergent. The extra dyes and splotches just may wash out on their own.

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