How Do I Find Fashion Design Work?!?

try a design school, like FIT or Parsons. Most design jobs are in NYC, but there are also some in LA, San Francisco, Seatle and other big cities. Try to center yourself there. If you go to a fashion school, they might place you or at least you will intern somewhere.

How Do I Find Fashion Design Work?!? 1

1. What Universities And Colleges Have Fashion Design ?

Clay is great exciting. attempt a loafer with a 2 leather-based looking straps and a couple of a million/2 inch stripes on the two factor of each and every and each shoe the region the middle of the foot is going. user-friendly to make yet present day-day and unique. good fulfillment!

2. What is a better career choice Fashion Design or Interior Design?

You are one hundred percent correct. Fashion design is indeed quite competitive and also, it's difficult to make a sufficient amount of money. It takes a great while to get a generous salary, unless - of course - you get very lucky and get a break. However, that's highly unlikely. Interior design is a wonderful career path, and it is enjoyable. I suggest going down the interior, rather than the fashion, design path

How Do I Find Fashion Design Work?!? 2

3. I would like to know about fashion design schools in Asia or Europe or the US.?

Academy of Couture Art in Los Angeles offers certificates for those holding a degree in fashion design and looking to advance their careers, creativity to the level of haute couture. They have honorary members from the Parisian haute couture world and the founder is said to have background with Francois Lesage, Christian Lacroix, Azzedine Alaia, and others in Paris. I've only heard of their graduates working with couturiers in Los Angeles though.

4. Is Clark Atlanta University a good school to go to if you want to major in fashion design?

You answered your own question: (1) "I love CAU" and (2) "I know that CAU offers the major." Attend the school of your choice. WIth your enthusiasm and your hard work, career prospects will present themselves.

5. Hey what do you guys think of my College essay for fashion design a FIT? I need help!!!?

Extremely naive and childish. They will laugh. You actually think you are going to make it in Fashion with a degree from FIT, when statistically you are far more likely to get a minimum wage job selling spandex at KMart...

6. Free trial or download for fashion design software/ freeware?

u can always download trials if u do not wanna be a criminnal

7. Fashion design or Pr career choice?

it is quite your selection. you will possibly desire to circulate with something you like, get exhilaration from, you are sturdy at it and you have have been given the skills for it. If that categorical profession suits the profile , then i think of you will do quite properly in that profession and luxuriate in it on the comparable time

8. Does UCLA except GEDs and does it have some sort of fashion design program?

I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM NOW. UCLA does not accept GED even if is a perfect score what u need is go to a community college and earn at least 25 credit ours in challenging courses, make some community service (around 200 hours) , when in college you need to get recommendation letters. and last you need a 2000 score in the SAT. i scented my letter of Application when i had my GED but i was told that i did not have enough academic experience;now i have 200 hours of community service and a 3.4 GPA with 6 recommendation letters the only thing i need now is to join a club and become the president .UCLA is a tough to enter university, my cousin apply and she had 4.0GPA, a honors student but she was told that she need something else that make her different from every body else at the end she went to University of California in Irving

9. What would be the best college to attend if I want to pursue fashion design?

What? Parsons is not a real school, and does not give a real degree? It's one of the top art schools in the world, and it's in the top 10 programs for fashion design. It's elite. It's fabulous. Where are you getting your info? Oh my goodness (goes to fan self, as am in shock.) I would recommend Parsons. I would also recommend the Fashion Institute of Technology. Both are in NYC, the fashion capital of N. America, and they are the top two fashion design programs in the nation. Their alumni do great things, and you will have wonderful opportunities afforded to you if you attend either one. Fashion design is a highly competitive field. It pays to get into the best possible program that you can, do internships/co-ops in the field, and come out with a fabulous portfolio. You are going to get that first job by networking, by the reputation of your program, and through the strength of that portfolio. Other very strong fashion schools are Otis, in Los Angeles (as opposed to FIDM, which is very popular but not particularly respected in the field), and RISD, in Providence. I also like the programs at Pratt, in NYC - very strong - at Academy of Art University, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, University of Cincinnatti, Kent State, and SCAD. But really, the two biggest, most powerful names in the industry, are Parsons and FIT. No matter where you go to school, make sure you come out of there with related work experience. Do an internship or co-op in the fashion industry, ideally for a design house or similar. Even if they have you photocopying paperwork, it's an opportunity to meet people, and to get a good credential on your resume. Good luck.

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In What Fashion Design Is Tooling Denim Used
Tooling denim, as the name suggests, is specially designed for workers. It looks quite professional and formal. According to different positions and industries of workers, the fabrics of work clothes are also different. Here are some brief introductions.1 Tooling denim for professional clothing and uniforms:1. Anti wool: the cloth surface is clean, smooth and elastic, and the lines are straight and full. It is suitable for sewing suits, Zhongshan suits and women's tops.2. Wool polyester: lack of soft and moist feeling of pure wool fabric. The fabric is crisp and prominent, containing polyester fiber. The elasticity is better than pure wool fabric, but the handle is not as good as pure wool. When you grip the fabric tightly, it will become loose and almost free of wrinkles.3. Pure wool: the fabric is flat, bright color, soft and natural, with few defects. It feels very elastic and delicate. It can be quickly restored to the original state after opening, and the crease is not obvious.1. Chemical fiber: bright color, soft texture, good drapability, smooth and comfortable, firm and durable, easy to handle, anti wrinkle, no pilling, easy machine washing and no deformation.2. Wumei Satin: good drapability, soft and smooth, full hand feeling and moderate brightness. It is suitable for promotional clothing, Chinese and Western restaurants, bars, etc.3. Brocade weaving: bright colors, many patterns, high-grade clothes, easy to scrape silk, difficult to feel and high price. It is often used in the ingredients of hotel clothing style.4. Other fashionable fabrics: Gongsi brocade, tooling cloth, serge, washcloth, etc., which can be used for different tooling styles.1. Pure cotton: it has good moisture absorption, soft hand feel, sanitary and comfortable wearing, good dyeing performance, soft luster, natural and beautiful appearance, poor wrinkle resistance and large shrinkage. It is suitable for making high-grade shirts.2. TC: cotton content only accounts for 35% of the total content. There are many kinds of flowers, soft color and easy to care.3. CVC: Cotton accounts for more than 50% of the total output. The fabric has thick lines, good texture and comfortable wearing.4. Suro: high strength, good wear resistance, suitable for fashion clothing.5. Huayao: this kind of fabric is soft and has good drapability. It is mainly used for clothing.To sum up, the tooling denim and matching skills are introduced. I hope it can help you a lot.
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