Fashion Designing the Road to a Bright Creative Future

Fashion design is a popular career choice for people with creative bend of minds. It is an industry which pays well and is an industry with a glamorous quotient. Fashion designing is one course which opens a number of avenues for the person who pursues it. The fashion designer after getting his professional degree can work in number of streams such as:- Fashion designers play an important role in the fashion industry. A fashion designer has to be hard working and has to think out of the box. This results in good salary, lucrative deals and high incentives. An illustrator is one who deals and initiates with the design process. He/she is entrusted with the obligation of providing ideas to the designer. The fashion illustrator makes sketches as and when the requirement arises or when the fashion designer demands. The fashion stylist is responsible for maintaining the aesthetic value of fashion shows. They create hair styles, dress code and giving the show its best look. The fashion coordinator is the one who creates market policies. The coordinator is not responsible for the designing work but organising the fashion shows. Fashion consultant is the one who takes into account the latest trends, and is an idea provider. A consultant is responsible for product development. A fashion merchandiser is the one who bears marketing responsibilities. Analysing the past and latest sales trends are his responsibilities. He/She is assigned with the task that the team meets the demands of the industry and the market. The bottom line is students pursuing fashion design have a wide scope open in front of them and get to work in number of avenues. They are left with wide number of options. The salaries and perks are good and a fashion designer has a bright future waiting in front of him/her. Disclaimer: The information provided in this Notification is solely by SGT University. bears no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the information. Individuals are therefore suggested to check the authenticity of the information.

Fashion Designing  the Road to a Bright Creative Future 1

1. Where are some places i can work at 16 to prepare me for fashion design?

none will prepare you to fashion design! unless you get an internship at a fashion clothes design company or costume company or something like that

2. Fashion Design School Project Ideas?

how about fashion design thru the ages? You can talk about how fashion changed in the US from the 1800-1900s. You can narrow it down more but for example how women went from wearing corsets, loose fitting dress and then pants

Fashion Designing  the Road to a Bright Creative Future 2

3. Is this a good start for a 12 year old girl interested in Fashion Design?

look for places online to go to and advertise online make your own website at and advertise that! you can totally do this! just talk to ppl and get your name and business out there!

4. Fashion Design? Not a good career?

it's great/

5. are there any free fashion design games online that are fun?

Hi, have you heard of Frenzoo? It is an online avatar community involved in fashion, where you get to make your avatar and dress it up with bought clothes. You can also create own customized designs for your avatar. There is also a chat room and the forum for interaction with other people. It is free and does not have to be downloaded. Short description: - Customize your avatar - Dress it up with bought clothes - Create your own customized designs - Go shopping for items for you avatar - Join contests - Join clubs - Participate in forum threads - A 3D chat environment - Other offers coming with these features

6. Art History & fashion design?

How about focussing on an ancient tribe and their art and what it represents

7. What is an example of an original high fashion design in the 80s?

Military clothing as alternative street wear. Military first appeared on the Paris runways on the early 80's. Japanese designers were moving into the world of high fashion. Issey Miyake and his origami clothing was something new and different. Yamamoto, Kenzo and Watanabe all heavily influenced 80's high fashion. Watanabe and the Comme de Garcon line was the first gender neutral (called androgynous back then) clothing line and Yamamoto's oversized unstructured jackets and coats inspired Versace and Armani to rethink tailored men's wear. And in the latter half of the decade Armani and Versace changed the way suits and jackets are made eight up to this day. They stopped using canvas and hair cloth inside jackets and used modern high tech fusible interfacings and jackets became less stiff and formal and more casual and relaxed

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In What Fashion Design Is Tooling Denim Used
Tooling denim, as the name suggests, is specially designed for workers. It looks quite professional and formal. According to different positions and industries of workers, the fabrics of work clothes are also different. Here are some brief introductions.1 Tooling denim for professional clothing and uniforms:1. Anti wool: the cloth surface is clean, smooth and elastic, and the lines are straight and full. It is suitable for sewing suits, Zhongshan suits and women's tops.2. Wool polyester: lack of soft and moist feeling of pure wool fabric. The fabric is crisp and prominent, containing polyester fiber. The elasticity is better than pure wool fabric, but the handle is not as good as pure wool. When you grip the fabric tightly, it will become loose and almost free of wrinkles.3. Pure wool: the fabric is flat, bright color, soft and natural, with few defects. It feels very elastic and delicate. It can be quickly restored to the original state after opening, and the crease is not obvious.1. Chemical fiber: bright color, soft texture, good drapability, smooth and comfortable, firm and durable, easy to handle, anti wrinkle, no pilling, easy machine washing and no deformation.2. Wumei Satin: good drapability, soft and smooth, full hand feeling and moderate brightness. It is suitable for promotional clothing, Chinese and Western restaurants, bars, etc.3. Brocade weaving: bright colors, many patterns, high-grade clothes, easy to scrape silk, difficult to feel and high price. It is often used in the ingredients of hotel clothing style.4. Other fashionable fabrics: Gongsi brocade, tooling cloth, serge, washcloth, etc., which can be used for different tooling styles.1. Pure cotton: it has good moisture absorption, soft hand feel, sanitary and comfortable wearing, good dyeing performance, soft luster, natural and beautiful appearance, poor wrinkle resistance and large shrinkage. It is suitable for making high-grade shirts.2. TC: cotton content only accounts for 35% of the total content. There are many kinds of flowers, soft color and easy to care.3. CVC: Cotton accounts for more than 50% of the total output. The fabric has thick lines, good texture and comfortable wearing.4. Suro: high strength, good wear resistance, suitable for fashion clothing.5. Huayao: this kind of fabric is soft and has good drapability. It is mainly used for clothing.To sum up, the tooling denim and matching skills are introduced. I hope it can help you a lot.
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