Faded Denim Jeans! How to Get Back the Color (denim)?

You should try Woolite for dark clothes. Scroll down on the attached webpage, it specifically mentions dark washed jeans. And check it out, its endorsed by Stacy London! :)

Faded Denim Jeans! How to Get Back the Color (denim)? 1

1. Where can I find inexpensive premium denim jeans?

is all about the fabric. if you buy real premium product it will not fade nor shrink. is quality denim.

2. What if you weren't allowed to wear denim jeans?

Yeah, I would get jeans that are not made of denim. I think they are more comfortable anyway.

Faded Denim Jeans! How to Get Back the Color (denim)? 2

3. Do you think that dark denim jeans match black?

They will match

4. How to Wear a Silk Top During the Day

If I am being honest, I put on this outfit specifically to go on a coffee run to Starbucks! It's normal to wear a silk blouse to get coffee, right? Even though I am a "fashion blogger" and I post photos of myself wearing cute outfits everyday, the reality is I am usually at home on the couch in my pj's or jeans and a t-shirt (hence my blog name - Jeans and a T-cup). I usually only get dressed up on the weekend if I am going out or if I am running errands during the week. So sometimes, I just want to put on my new silk top even if I am only going to Starbucks! So what is the key to wearing silk during the day? I am sharing some of the ways I incorporate silk into my everyday style. These are not "fashion rules" but just my opinion on how to wear silk! Adding denim jeans to a silk top instantly makes it more casual. I would pair it with lighter denim because dark denim is dressier in my opinion. You could also wear a silk cami and pair it with a denim jacket. Choose a silk piece in a fun print and avoid ones with a sheen if you want a more casual feel. Madewell always has great printed silk options that have a boho feel. They can easily be paired with denim or corduroy for a casual vibe. If you are not ready to wear a silk top during the day, a silk scarf is a great option. Adding a silk scarf around your neck or tied to a bag instantly elevates any outfit. Again, Madewell has great silk scarf options at reasonable prices! So you wear silk during the day? How do you incorporate the fabric into your wardrobe? P.S. Keep your eyes out for a GIVEAWAY I am personally hosting on Instagram Stories today. I will be giving away some cute SugarFix jewelry makeup to one lucky follower! Linking Up: Pink Sole, More Pieces of Me, Fizz and Frosting, Style Nudge, Not Dead Yet Style, Claire Justine, Michelle's Paige

5. is it cool to wear a denim skirt over denim jeans?

that's about as cool as wearing jeans w/ a denim jacket... NO

6. How do you fade dark denim jeans?

sand paper...but be careful bc if you sand them enough you will put a whole in it..unless that's the look your going for

7. Dark Blue denim jeans turned yellow after bleaching? Please help?

This happened to me once and i bleached the entire lot blonde..Believe I mainly did have patches lacking but hi there ho. Hairdressers can also use a colour remover to get out the majority however I suppose they are going to simplest do this after afew months of you loss of life it. Mine was once a depressing burgundy color they usually obtained adequate out to show it a reddy color - not bad going

8. What do you think of the slim legged denim jeans and will you wear them?

They've been back for a year now I think. Well, at least in California. I tried to wear them for a while because I think they are fabulous, but I realized they are very unflattering to my body. I am bottom heavy and have short legs. So I am sticking to wide leg jeans, circa 1960's, and flares, or boot cut. :) Those are the original anyway.

9. What do you think of women who smoke, slouch, litter, and wear denim jeans?

What are you trying 2 get at here? Are u just stating what you think or what? What do u want us 2 say......I hate 2 say this u just described the majority of women...so wat r u try n 2 get at here?

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