F.I.T. Applying: Fashion Design Portfolio?

By all means look at the FIT prompts. The fashion schools tend to be a bit stringent on people following directions [that is the essential minimum], although they applaud going beyond in concepts and designs. Also, be able to articulate what you are trying to show or demonstrate for each item in your portfolio. An example would be: "I am designing sports wear for for petite women: Functional but also stylish"

F.I.T. Applying: Fashion Design Portfolio? 1

1. Best school for Fashion Merchandising?

The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising or FIDM is a co-educational, specialized private college located in California dedicated to educating students for the Fashion, Entertainment, Interior Design, and Graphic Design industries. FIDM offers a 2-year associate of arts degree, advanced study programs, and a bachelor of science degree program in business management. FIDM has over 6,500 full-time students and 1000 staff and faculty members. FIDM has four campuses in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Orange County, California. It is accredited by The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). MAJORS Two Year Specialized Programs (A.A. Degree) Merchandise Marketing, Graphic Design, Merchandise Product Development, Beauty Industry Merchandising & Marketing, Apparel Manufacturing Management, Fashion Design, Visual Communication, Digital Media, Textile Design, Interior Design, Jewelry Design Four Year Bachelor of Science Program (B.S. Degree) Business Management One Year Advanced Study Programs (A.A. Degree) Interior Design, Theatre Costume Design, Film & Tv Costume Design, Fashion Design, Visual Communications, International Manufacturing & Product Development, Footwear Design

2. Fashion design is useless.?

I could not agree more. Cheers

F.I.T. Applying: Fashion Design Portfolio? 2

3. Fashion Design vs. Interior Design?

What you will like do is important. It is not dependent with others. You can do anything according to your choice. no body can compel you to do anything breaking your taste, that may be interior or fashion designing. You should have your own choice

4. Where can I download a free Fashion Design CAD program?

Fashion Cad

5. I am interested in fashion design, but need to know which CAD, computer aided design software is best for this

I would suggest you 3d Studio Max 8. Its great for fashion designing

6. What are the best classes to take if i want to go to FIT for fashion design?

art type classes for drawing or creating, computer classes since you mostly like will design some stuff on computers and definitely will be in design school. If you can get a graphic design class that would be ideal, but your in high school so you can just take computer classes, and download some design programs and play around with ideas things like that

7. Which college should I consider for masters in textile/fashion design, taking placements after the course into consideration?

For a masters in textiles, please consider doing it at NID.For a masters in fashion, there is no specific course pertaining to fashion studies, but you can go for a Masters in Design from NIFT.Now, if it hardly matters to you if it is Fashion or textiles, then you can pursue a better placement consideration, where chances are that if you pass out of NID, you might get a better pay package, going by the trend. Other things to consider are duration of course, ranking & cut offs

8. colleges that offer fashion design and art as majors?

There's FIT in NYC but jobs are extremely hard to get no matter how good you are. How about the business end of fashion? That might be something for you to think about. Accounting is a hot major now. It's what I would major in if I were going to college today. I was an English major, and I am trying to spare you the pain of having an unmarketable degree at the end of 4 years of hard work.

9. where would i go to interveiw someone about fashion design???


10. Whatu2019s considered bad fashion design in swimwear?

I am not sure . Is this a trick question ? I do not consider any swimwear inappropriate. Unless the wearer is uncomfortable being seen in public. I have never even owned any swimwear. I always just wore my flowered girl panties and no top until I was 13 when my tits started growing. I had them come off plenty of times while swimming. And to me that was not even inappropriate. I have always been very comfortable being naked in front of strangers and I still am.

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