Denim Fabric Knowledge: the Remarkable Characteristics of Jeans Different From General Clothing

What is denim knowledge? Jeans is a very special kind of clothing. Its main feature is that it has a long service life, and the product value is increasing with the increase of service life. The more washed, the more beautiful, the older, the more delicious, which is the remarkable feature of jeans different from ordinary clothes. To achieve this goal, the texture of the fabric is undoubtedly very important. Jeans with poor fabric not only have short product life, are uncomfortable and uncomfortable to wear, but also are easy to deform and fade.

At the same time, the added value of jeans is often reflected by washing, and the quality and effect of washing completely depend on the texture of fabrics. Without good fabrics, it is impossible to make a very high-grade washing effect. It can be said that the grade of jeans is largely determined by the grade of fabrics. Real jeans are made of 100% cotton fabric, and even their seams are cotton. Polyester blended fabric can also be used instead of cotton, but it is not very popular, but there are many kinds of fabrics used in luggage. The most commonly used dye is synthetic indigo. Traditional rivets are made of copper, but zippers and buttons are mostly made of iron. The sign is made of fabric, leather or plastic. It can also be in the form of cotton thread embroidery on jeans.

At present, the popular trend in the market is to use environmentally friendly colored cotton as raw materials. Scientist Sally & middot; Fox grows a lot of natural green and brown cotton on her farm in Arizona. She hopes to grow yellow, red and gray cotton one day, but it can't be blue (this color chromosome can't be found in cotton). Generally speaking, cotton is colored by bleaching and dyeing, but the advantage of fox cotton is that it does not need bleaching and dyeing. Therefore, the processing process of this raw material will not produce substances harmful to human body, and its robe will not fade due to washing.

The reason why denim ready-made clothes can survive for a hundred years is not the changes in style design and production process, but the ever-changing finishing process. Often the denim clothing produced by the same batch of orders, different washing methods will produce different appearance effects, and the reaction of putting into the market in different periods will be different. In other words, the most important link to determine the style effect of denim ready-made clothes is not in the design department and production department, but in the finishing and washing department. Of course, there are many kinds of denim fabrics, which we will introduce below.

Denim Fabric Knowledge: the Remarkable Characteristics of Jeans Different From General Clothing 1

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