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I totally agree. A good washing machine will get them clean and if you want them wrinkle free just iron them yourself. Some people have too much money to waste and they are lazy

Buy Denim Jeans: Buy Denim Jeans for Men 1

1. What to wear at a academic conference if they say to wear business-casual?

I really do enjoy using long skirts occasionally. They may be actually convenient than Denim jeans and also much less hot to wear

2. How To Sew Extra Heavy Thread Sizes In Denim Jeans ?

This is the second in the series of technical bulletin and guide from American & Efird ( a global leader in denim sewing threads) for the benefit of denim garment manufacturers. In this technical guide it can be understood how to sew extra heavy threads on denim to make the the products unique .Retail designers are always looking for a way to make their products unique and this definitely applies to sewing denim garments. From a thread perspective, this can include various options as listed below : For different needles of the same operation 2) Using threads that will maintain their color regardless of the wash process. 3) Using threads that will wash-down depending on the severity of the finishing process. 4) Using a thread that looks different than regular stitching thread. 5) Using different thread sizes that give a bolder stitch appearance. In this guide, we will concentrate this option ie use bolder stitches on denim jeans . Years ago the most common size of thread used for topstitching denim was a Tex 60 or 80 or possibly Tex 105 size threads. Recently many manufacturers have graduated to a Tex 120 size thread to give a slightly bolder stitch appearance.

Buy Denim Jeans: Buy Denim Jeans for Men 2

Today, many denim designers are looking at much heavier thread sizes including Tex 150, Tex 180, Tex 240 and even Tex 300. This has created problems for many denim garment manufacturers because their normal denim sewing machines were not designed for these heavier threads. WHAT DETERMINES THE THREAD SIZE THAT CAN BE SEWN ON A SEWING MACHINE? On 301 lockstitch machines, the maximum needle thread size that can be sewn is usually determined by the capacity of the hook or shuttle in the machine, and the size of the needle being used. There must be enough clearance between the bobbin case holder and the hook base to allow the thread to move freely around the hook during the stitch formation. Sometimes an older hook will work better on larger threads because it has more play in the raceway allowing for more clearance for the thread. The hook must also accommodate the use of larger than normal needles.

In some cases, the retainer or gib of the hook is shaped differently to allow the thread to of the hook with less resistance. Note that the hook must be properly lubricated. Many sewing machine companies do make higher capacity Hooks that will allow larger threads to be sewn, but these are generally very expensive. There are also machines designed for sewing very heavy threads used for sewing upholstered furniture and leather goods. Some manufacturers are purchasing these types of machines so they can sew extra large thread sizes up to Tex 500 or Tex 600 thread sizes!. Another option for sewing heavy threads on 301 lockstitch machines is to sew the heavy thread in the bobbin and using a regular size thread in the needle.

This means that the seam is inverted when it is sewn. This is a common practice when setting front pockets or outlining the fly on a 5-pocket jean. It is easier to use heavier thread sizes in the needle position of chainstitch machines, however, even these machine sometimes must be modified to allow the thread to be pulled up from under the needle plate with the least amount of resistance. This may include increasing the size of the needle hole in the needle plate. Most manufacturers who are sewing heavy denim are using a size 140 needle.

When sewing heavier thread sizes, larger needle sizes must be used. Note: many times using a larger needle size will increase the occurrence of fabric damage and broken stitches due to needle-cutting. A simple test to determine if the needle and thread are compatible is to thread the needle with about 12 inches of thread. Hold the thread fairly taught, at a 45-degree angle, and with a circular motion make the needle twirl around the thread. As the twirling motion of the needle slows down, the needle should slide freely from the top to the bottom of the suspended thread.

If the needle does not slide easily, then sewing problems Heavy Duty Single Needle Lockstitch Machine will probably result. Generally a heavier thread size will require more thread tension to properly set the stitch on denim fabric. The heavier the sewing thread being used, the more needle thread machine tension that will be required. Lockstitch machines will also require heavier takeup spring pressure. Also, all of the thread guides and eyelets may need to be used to help control the thread during the sewing cycle.

This will also help to keep "French" knots from forming in the thread path that can restrict the proper flow of thread to the needle. Need any advice on denim sewing ?.

3. Girls, what color denim jeans do you like more on a guy?

i really depends on the full outfit...however i personally like dark wash or black...or light khaki (not really jeans..but they look nice) look up some male models for gap ads...they have nice jeans on! :)

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