Are There Any Fashion Design Games on Facebook?

fun game isnt it? i dont think you need a "model" i was confused too at that stage but i got through just fine without a model

Are There Any Fashion Design Games on Facebook? 1

1. will an unfashionable asian fit in a fashion design college abroad?

Yes and you will find plenty more Asians just like you in college, in fact they will also have a club

2. Do you think I have potential to follow a career in fashion design (PICS)!!?

Your just like me, when I was your age I really really want it, and guess what... here I am now with a career in fashion design. I am glad that you have allot of confidence in yourself. Can you sew yet? If not, have your parents purchase a sewing machine for you and also get a dress form the same size as you. When you get these things, go to the fabric store as often as you get the chance and purchase the materials you would like to use. Practice sewing and bring your sketches to life, practice sewing your own clothing so that it will be easy to do someones else later on. By the time your in the 12th grade ready to apply for college, getting accepted will be a piece of cake. Allot of schools with fashion design programs require a test from you which includes sketches and photos of clothing you made (well not all of the fashion schools, but the big competitive schools are)... this important evaluation will be used to see your skills, in which they will decide whether to accept or deny you. Good luck in your future :-)

Are There Any Fashion Design Games on Facebook? 2

3. Fashion design or Pr career choice?

You have answered your own question by stating that: "with fashion pr it sounds perfect for me"./

4. What would be my minimum starting salary after doing Fashion Design from NIFT Delhi?

As far as my knowledge goes, the starting salary for a fresher from any branch of NIFT is around 20-30K. The amount depends on how good you are at everything.It all depends on how good is your portfolio, how you do your interview and what the company is looking for. If all these does not fall in place, it is no use even if you pass out from NIFT-Delhi

5. Fashion design is useless.?

wow, you certainly have some closed minded opinions about art in general. couture and high fashion is form of art and is a way for a designer to express themselves. without art the world be a bland place. also, when someone wants to buy a picasso painting do you think they care to look at the price tag? you may think that science is the most noblest career choice, and maybe it is one of many, but not everyone is left brained. i myself am a professional artist and i could do what you do if i wanted to, but i do not . i enjoy my job, and would be bored out my mind in some lab everyday. but anyways, you should not judge people for their career choice, as long as their happy doing it, then why should you care??

6. Where can I get mannequin models for fashion/design sketches?

If you go online to "Google Images" and search body outlines you can pick one that you like

7. What are your thoughts on fashion design for menopause clothing?

never heard of it.I already know from bitter experience that I can not wear a lot of synthetic stuff,makes it worse.I mostly wear cotton.and some times I wear it with my head stuck inside the freezer

8. I need to make a fashion portfolio to apply to fashion design school but I don't know how to sew. HELP!?

GiannyL on youtube does some great stuff! There's also some great ideas on, I posted a couple dress ideas below :)

9. Are there many muslim girls in fashion design and merchandising?

no cause everyone knows muslim women dont have rights,

10. What are some good fashion design kits for teens/tweens?

Fashion Design Kits

11. Question about FIT fashion design portfolio; bringing in garments?

I attended FIT and when they ask you to bring in stuff that you have SEWN that's exactly what they need to see. They generally do not care about lil old ladies knitting stuff (joke) Just take anything that you have actually sat down on a sewing machine and sewn yourself - even if it's a hanky!! But paleeze do not take your knitted stuff!!! They want to see your sewing skills.

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In What Fashion Design Is Tooling Denim Used
Tooling denim, as the name suggests, is specially designed for workers. It looks quite professional and formal. According to different positions and industries of workers, the fabrics of work clothes are also different. Here are some brief introductions.1 Tooling denim for professional clothing and uniforms:1. Anti wool: the cloth surface is clean, smooth and elastic, and the lines are straight and full. It is suitable for sewing suits, Zhongshan suits and women's tops.2. Wool polyester: lack of soft and moist feeling of pure wool fabric. The fabric is crisp and prominent, containing polyester fiber. The elasticity is better than pure wool fabric, but the handle is not as good as pure wool. When you grip the fabric tightly, it will become loose and almost free of wrinkles.3. Pure wool: the fabric is flat, bright color, soft and natural, with few defects. It feels very elastic and delicate. It can be quickly restored to the original state after opening, and the crease is not obvious.1. Chemical fiber: bright color, soft texture, good drapability, smooth and comfortable, firm and durable, easy to handle, anti wrinkle, no pilling, easy machine washing and no deformation.2. Wumei Satin: good drapability, soft and smooth, full hand feeling and moderate brightness. It is suitable for promotional clothing, Chinese and Western restaurants, bars, etc.3. Brocade weaving: bright colors, many patterns, high-grade clothes, easy to scrape silk, difficult to feel and high price. It is often used in the ingredients of hotel clothing style.4. Other fashionable fabrics: Gongsi brocade, tooling cloth, serge, washcloth, etc., which can be used for different tooling styles.1. Pure cotton: it has good moisture absorption, soft hand feel, sanitary and comfortable wearing, good dyeing performance, soft luster, natural and beautiful appearance, poor wrinkle resistance and large shrinkage. It is suitable for making high-grade shirts.2. TC: cotton content only accounts for 35% of the total content. There are many kinds of flowers, soft color and easy to care.3. CVC: Cotton accounts for more than 50% of the total output. The fabric has thick lines, good texture and comfortable wearing.4. Suro: high strength, good wear resistance, suitable for fashion clothing.5. Huayao: this kind of fabric is soft and has good drapability. It is mainly used for clothing.To sum up, the tooling denim and matching skills are introduced. I hope it can help you a lot.
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