Are There and Any Tricks for the Webkinz Clothing Machine?

like one person said webkinzinsider is very helpful!!!! this is what i have Cowgirl Dress (Cowboy Hat, Cowboy Shirt, Smocked Sundress) Glass Slippers (Funky Girl Glasses, Princess Hat, Ruby Slippers) Patched Denim Jacket (Green Layered Tee, Jeans, Purple Layered Tee) Tie Dye Top (Purple Pajama Top, Blue & Yellow Fleece Sweater, Flower Power Swimsuit Top) Toga (Flip Flops, Kinzville Academy Skirt, White Jeans) Toy Solider Coat (Dogbeard's Coat, Mod Jacket, Red Sneakers) Toy Solider Hat (Dude Hat, Funky Plaid Hat, Party Hat) Wizard's Apprentice Robes (Academy Sweater, Tuxedo Pants, Wizard's Hat)

Are There and Any Tricks for the Webkinz Clothing Machine? 1

1. i have an old denim jacket with heavy metal band patches all over it , is it still in style ?

I do not really like denim jackets on guys or girls..but if you have to wear not wear with the same color jeans it looks very weird..hope this helps you..=)

2. What would a gray wash denim jacket go good with?

Denim jackets go with everything. I would wear it over a casual dress, or with colored jeans, or waxed jeans (the ones that look sort of like leather), or over a band tee, or with shorts and a crop top. The possibilities are endless

Are There and Any Tricks for the Webkinz Clothing Machine? 2

3. Do you think a white lace dress goes with a light wash denim jacket/shirt?

sounds cute, like something i would wear =D

4. What would you wear with this black dress?

Maybe a light jacket or denim jacket?

5. Denim Jacket cool or not?

In this weather it would likely be hot. Too heavy in my opinion. Stick with a tee-shirt for the summer time

6. A Denim jacket problem? Girls only!?

You would look great! If it fits you and you like it, you should buy it. Some additional tips: since Forever 21 is a store for girls, they would look at you awkwardly when you buy it. Just say it is for your girlfriend!

7. Denim Jacket with Athletic Shoes Outfits For Men (178 ideas & outfits) | Lookastic

This is undeniable proof that a denim jacket and khaki chinos look awesome when matched together in an off-duty look. On the fence about how to finish? Complement your look with a pair of athletic shoes to jazz things up.

8. dark denim jacket, solid red tanktop, white shorts?

Sounds fine to me. Summery and very patriotic

9. Where do get a pale denim jacket?

right now at nearest supre store, $28

10. Would it be weird if I wore a summer dress with a denim jacket the first day of school?

it rather is an cute gown and that i am valuable curiously outstanding on you :). whether, i do believe a gown is a splash lots for the 1st day. it could provide the impact you are "fancy" (for loss of a greater valuable observe). quite, i might hit upon a clean outfit for the 1st day, yet keep the gown to placed on like each and every week after college starts. or, you may keep it for an off-the-cuff dance! the two way, that gown is cute, and you may def instruct it off on your classmates in some unspecified time sooner or later. solid luck & desire i helped! :)

11. What's your favorite thing to wear and your sign?

I wear a lot of plain clothing, a lot of black, button down shirts in men''s styles. Heavy boots, jeans and tees and denim jacket, leather...when I go dancing I am by far the most conservatively dressed person in the place. I avoid prints usually. I will wear some lace or something a little shiny when going out. But I keep the overall tone low key. I wear no make up or very subtle make up. I am small and try avoid my clothes wearing me. I do dirty work and have a huge dog and kids. I can not walk well in high heels. I often am doing home repairs. I do not wear a lot of color or print also because I have a lot of visible tattoo work. I hate clashing with myself. I am a Leo...with three Virgo planets..including venus. I am guessing my tastes can be attributed far more to the heavy Virgo influence than my sun sign.

12. What is the most unusual

This horrible like quilted denim jacket, IDK what they were thinking, it was really old fashoned and, old looking

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