A Career in Fashion, Fashion Design to Be Exact?

In Europe, you might just start as an apprentice somewhere, if you have some general talent. That is still the method in many areas. You should also learn French and Italian if you plan to stay in Europe--they are the most important markets. Do you have fashion design software? Get some and build a portfolio.

A Career in Fashion, Fashion Design to Be Exact? 1

1. Top 10 Brands for Best Kids Wear and Clothing in India

Choosing clothes for your kids can be a fun yet tricky business. You want your baby to look cute and snappy like you and hence choosing the right kids wear for them is very important. But unlike us, our kids pay heed to comfort rather than fashion. So, it is your responsibility to buy them something comfortable and yet in vogue. You do not want your kids to look back at their childhood pictures and ask you "Why did you dress me like a cartoon?" (Like our parents did with us. LOL!) Here is a list of top 10 brands available in India with cool clothing line. They them all for making your kids wear purchases. This is one of the oldest and best Indian brand for kids wear. It has outlets all over the country. Not only it bestows you with clothing options for your kids but also various accessories and footwear. It has won many awards by 'Pantaloons Fashion and Retail Ltd.' Available on Amazon, Firstcry, Myntra, Flipkart. If you want the best quality for your kids this is your brand. This brand has options for newborn babies, infants, toddlers, and teenagers of up to 16 years. It has a sub-brand known as Cucufun which generally has a clothing line for your teenage kids. Available on Amazon, Firstcry, Flipkart. The splash of vibrant colors they put on little clothes will make you want to buy everything. It has clothing range from age of one to sixteen years. The brand will give you a plethora of options for your little ones. This brand confers fancy and latest designs. They use non-chemical and non-synthetic products. Hence, they are slightly expensive than other brands. But provides you with the best clothes touching your kids. Kids are inevitably attracted to cartoons. Want to see a joyous reaction on your kid's face? Buy them their favorite character's T-shirt and you will see a huge smile on their face. They sell T-shirts, shirts, jackets and bottoms, and backpacks. They sell these on their official websites. Now go grab your kids their favorite cartoon character's stuff. If you want to buy party wear clothes for your kids then this brand will make you go banana with its options. The trendy designs are famous for their partywear line. All eyes will be on your munchkin with their chic designs. Another popular Indian brand is inspired by the creativity of kids. The vibrant and lively colours and prints will make your kids look extra adorable. The brand is globally recognised. It does not have its official website but you can place an order through Myntra, Amazon or Firstcry. This is a designer brand by fashion designer Pratima Anand. They only have designs for girls. Be it formal, occasion or vintage they have options for every style. Make your little girls look like Princess with Pink Cow Fashions. The brand is started by two sisters Neelakshi and Oiendrila Ray. The captivating designs are not only fashionable but super comfortable as well. They use organic fabrics and natural dyes which will not harm your kids. This will keep your cutie comfy and on top of the fashion game. The brand belongs to Gauri and Nainika Karan who are fashion designers of India. Now you can buy designer apparels for your kids at a reasonable cost. Is not that amazing?

2. If energy drinks had age restrictions?

no, they would find something new to do it with energy drinks are only in for now but what is next when they go out of ''fashion''?

A Career in Fashion, Fashion Design to Be Exact? 2

3. What's the Difference Between a Fashion Blogger and an Influencer?

Question-who has the final say about what is on-trend in fashion and what is not? Up until a few years ago, that decision came down to an exclusive club of print magazines and top-tier fashion editors. That is, until the mega-evolution of digital and social media, bloggers, influencers, and the accessibility of voicing your opinion about fashion (along with pretty much everything else). As some of you might remember, last September, a handful of Vogue editors shaded "bloggers" as being the "death of style" (yes, seriously) and questioned what bloggers even were. The aftermath threw most of the industry into a debate-were they talking about influencers, too? Wait, is there even a difference between a blogger and an influencer? The answer is yes, there is a difference between bloggers and influencers. Both parties have been deemed as non-credible media or industry sources at some point in time, bloggers hearing that they are not journalists or credible websites, and influencers being called posers or wannabe celebrities. While you might have preconceived notions of the blogger/influencer culture, we are going to break down the main differences between bloggers and influencers today and how they play into the current fashion and media industry. The first important thing to remember: While most bloggers are considered influencers due to their large following, a majority of influencers are not bloggers. When I started my fashion blog, Simply Audree Kate, in 2011, I only knew about two other blogs. The first was my friend's mom's "mommy blog" and the other was Man Repeller. I started my blog solely as a rsum builder-I had no fashion experience and no industry connections and was stuck in the middle of Arizona. I thought a blog would help fluff up my rsum and was an easy way to write about Fashion Week, showcase my sewing DIY projects, and lump all my fashion thoughts into one. I never started blogging to gain social popularity, free product, or money-it was purely a passion project. Less than two years after starting my blog, I saw that bloggers were dominating Pinterest feeds, getting paid to wear clothes, and slowly becoming their own brands and businesses. The easiest way to classify a blogger (let's add vloggers to this category, too) is by their websites. Blogs have always been utilized to share a personal point of view-expert or not-of a certain topic. When blogs grew in popularity nearly a decade ago, it was a huge turn for the industry because it made fashion more accessible. Fashion was no longer subjected to a handful of magazines' points of view. Style blogs widened the audience because each website had a specific point of view and unique taste, presenting their articles, photos, outfits in a different way. Now that blogging is mainstream and has grown exponentially more popular, bloggers have influence due to their large followings and circulation. A good rule of thumb to remember is that bloggers are typically known by their blog name, such as Style Bubble (Susie Lau), Gal Meets Glam (Julia Engel), Song of Style (Aimee Song), and Happily Grey (Mary Seng). Today, if you are in a room with 10 people, it's not unlikely there's at least one blogger present. Starting a blog is as easy as buying a $14 domain URL and hitting publish; but is it really that simple? Maybe I am biased since I run my own blog full-time, but I work harder managing every "department" of my blog business than I did when I worked in my 9-to-5 desk job. While blogs are a massive umbrella category, there are three general tiers of blogs: micro, macro, and mega. Microblogs typically have about 500 to 10,000 followers and have highly engaged audiences and a more intimate environment. Macro bloggers range from 10,000 to 1 million followers, probably have less engagement than a micro influencer but can reach a large audience and are well-known in the blogging community. Mega bloggers are basically your celebrity bloggers, like We Wore What, which has more than 1 million followers, huge campaigns, and possibly side businesses or projects. Macro and mega bloggers regularly produce editorial content on their websites, sometimes have an expertise in their niche, have curated a specific stylistic approach to their work, and are visible on typically one or more social platforms. Today, a majority of bloggers run their websites full-time, normally have a small team that works for them, and are getting paid big bucks to review, promote, and create content about products, services, and places. So, what about influencers? Basically, "influencer" is a new word for "It-Girl" or the original socialite. Think Paris Hilton, Lauren Conrad, Kim Kardashian, and others who gained popularity through their social status, previous reality show stints or by coincidence (looking at you, Vine stars). Influencers are always on the VIP list, invited to the coolest parties, and have large social followings. They do not have blogs (unless they started one after gaining influencer status) and are normally using one platform, usually Instagram, as their main social medium. They are trendsetters, their brand is their life and who they are, and now, they are being paid even more to do so. The inner circle of influencers includes DJs such as Hannah Bronfman and Harley Viera Newton, fashion industry creatives including Kate Foley and Caroline Vreeland (great-granddaughter to Diana Vreeland), Vine stars such as Cameron Dallas, or even "Bachelor" star Corinne Olympios. You've probably seen these or similar influencers act as brand ambassadors for companies by promoting their product on social media-anything from subscription services to beauty products, clothing, technology apps, or cars-you name it, they are probably promoting it. Influencers are mini niche market celebs. They themselves are still technically a brand, but instead of curating editorial content through a website, they promote their lifestyle on social media. For every rule, there are, of course, rule-breakers and exceptions. There are a handful of "OG" blogs that launched at the beginning of the digital shift, like Man Repeller, Into the Gloss, The Cut, and Fashionista-which are all now large media outlets. Some of these bloggers, like Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad and Emily Weiss of Into the Gloss, have branched off their websites into other companies. Ferragni is a fashion designer and Weiss created Glossier, the mega-popular beauty brand. Even influencers have created their own businesses: Just look at Lauren Conrad and the Kardashian/Jenner group, for example. So, there you have it: The main difference between bloggers and influencers comes down to their business model. While bloggers curate stylistic editorial content through a personal point of view, influencers are promoting their lifestyle and how products fit into it. Both get paid to do so, and both have engaged, often large, social followings. One is not better than the other, they are just different. Regardless, one thing's for sure-both bloggers and influencers are widely considered to embody a new marketing model for our generation.

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There Is a Fashion That Doesn't End, Called Elastic Jeans
With the increasing demand for slim and tight styles in the jeans market, the development demand for elastic denim fabrics is also growing. It is reported that around the world, in addition to women's clothing, men's clothing also began to use a large number of elastic denim fabrics, especially overseas large-scale manufacturing and retail (SPA) and international brands. The overall utilization rate of elastic denim fabrics is high.What is stretch denim?In the process of denim production, a certain percentage of elastic fiber is added to the weft, which will have a certain degree of elasticity and comfort. In 1962, cone mills was the first factory in the United States to use and promote elastic denim. Legler (Italy) was the first factory to produce special denim in the late 1970s, although it was not very successful at that time.In 1978, the earliest elastic jeans were produced by Peter Golding, and Mustang began to produce elastic jeans in 1983. In 1980, Levi's, with the help of lauffenmuhle's elasthenim, began to launch women's stretch jeans in the UK. This initiative has received a good response in the UK, and other brands have begun to follow suit. Marks & Spencer is the second brand to launch elastic jeans, which uses Legler's denim series. In the next few years, probably 1983-1984, elastic fabrics and jeans in Europe flourished.In the 1990s, the use of lycra elastic fiber began to increase, and elastic denim continued to be popular. However, in this decade, the use of elastic cloth gradually decreased with the popularity of pocket pants and non tight pants. In 1998, some elements of fabrics began to regain popularity, which greatly promoted American manufacturers to produce elastic denim. The revival of super tight jeans in 2006 has become an inevitable trend to increase the output of elastic denim. A large number of contemporary boutique denim include Agave, rock & Republic, chip & pepper and gold sign. They all use modern elastic denim today. Therefore, denim manufacturers began to produce this kind of elastic denim. This kind of cloth has a natural appearance, and the tights made by it are incomparable to its previous generation products. This kind of fabric can be shared by men and women at the same time.Q: What do 40d, 70D, 200D and 300D mean?A: 40d and 70D represent the specifications of spandex filament. 200D and 300D represent the specifications of weft raw materials.Q: What does it mean if the weft specification has both 40d and 200D? What do 40 and 200 mean? The weft direction is 200D 40d polyester denim.A: Remember, the larger number in the front is the main polyester yarn, and the 40d or 70D behind is the spandex elastic yarn wrapped in the middle by polyester.High elastic denim fabricThe warp yarn of high elastic denim fabric uses air coated yarn or twist yarn of polyurethane fiber and polyester fiber. With the design of fabric technology, the elongation performance is increased by 40% and the recovery performance after elongation is increased by 30% compared with previous commodities, and the tension is reduced at the same time. At the same time, it can also prevent the deformation of high elastic denim fabric and knee bulge, and maintain the close fitting effect. In addition, the dyeing and finishing process of the fabric is the same as that of general commodities, and does not damage the aging feeling of elastic jeans. The weight of the fabric is about 227 283 grams, and the colors are indigo, black and white for garment dyeing.Why does elastic fiber spandex bifurcate?First, spandex belongs to chemical fiber, which is obtained by spinning and texturing. When spinning chemical fiber, several single fibers are usually combined together and then wound into rollers. In order to eliminate static electricity and increase the stability and closure of the tow, it is often oiled, that is, the process of adding an oil tanker in the silk road. The chemical fiber without oil will not only bifurcate, but also be easy to damage and fracture. There will also be problems such as floating wire and insufficient strength in post-processing. This is one of them.Second, the machine package may be several chemical fibers wrapped together to make wrapping yarn, which is one of the uses of chemical fiber DTY yarn, such as spandex, nylon, or cotton thread. Under the high-speed operation of the roller, static electricity will be generated by friction between them. Elimination method: first, the humidity of the processing workshop environment can be increased, which is generally controlled at about 60%. Second, you can analyze whether the purchased spandex is not oiled and contact the supplier. Third, check whether your wrapping process is appropriate.
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