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Cowboy People Have to Know Some Knowledge of Cowboy Fabrics, Do You Know?

In the late 1850s, a Prussian American gold digger named levy Strauss came to San Francisco. He used to be a cloth merchant and took with him some canvas for tents and car tents. Seeing that the cotton trousers worn by the gold miners were easy to wear out, he cut them with thick canvas to sell pants with low waist, straight legs and tight hip circumference. They were very popular with the gold miners and have since become the characteristic clothes of cowboys. Levi further changed the trouser material into indigo twill coarse cloth. His business grew bigger and bigger. He applied for a patent in 1871 and officially established Levi Strauss company. Later, he developed into an international company with products all over the world.

Cowboy People Have to Know Some Knowledge of Cowboy Fabrics, Do You Know? 1

After World War II, jeans became popular among young people in American cities. Different from dress and high fashion, it is a popular model from bottom to top. The fabric and style have a free, bold, practical and fashionable style.

Since then, dark blue has become a popular color. More than 150 years later, he returned to Europe in the form of blue jeans, which became an indispensable fashion dress for young people at that time. So that during the election campaign, in order to please young people, the president of the United States should wear jeans on specific occasions to meet the favor and recognition of young people. Jeans have gradually developed into global clothes. They began to be introduced into China in the early 1980s and became popular rapidly. Many people, especially young people, have a special preference for jeans.

What is denim

Denim, also known as denim, is a thick yarn dyed warp twill cotton. The warp color is dark, generally indigo, and the weft color is light, generally light gray or white yarn after scouring. Also known as indigo labor cloth. It began in the western United States and was named after herders who used it to make clothes and trousers. Warp yarn adopts the one-step dyeing process combined with sizing dyeing, and the yarn count includes 80tex (7 British), 58tex (10 British), 36tex (16 British), etc; Weft yarn counts include 96tex (6 British), 58tex (10 British) and 48tex (12 British), with 3 / 1 weave, and denim with variable twill, plain or crepe weave. After anti shrinkage finishing, the shrinkage of grey fabric is smaller than that of ordinary fabric, with compact texture, thick, bright color and clear texture.

Cowboy People Have to Know Some Knowledge of Cowboy Fabrics, Do You Know? 2

Characteristics of denimThe characteristics of denim fabric depend on its raw material composition, yarn characteristics, organizational structure, weaving methods and other factors, especially the finishing plays a very important role in the characteristics of denim fabric.1. Appearance and hand feel characteristics of denim fabric

Feel the fit and texture of denim fabrics by hand. They are soft and stiff, rough and delicate, and elastic and tensile. Denim produced by pure cotton combed strand line has smooth surface, clear grain and smooth hand feel.Wash denim is soft and comfortable; After stone washing, the cloth surface is gray and old, with slight to severe damage;Enzyme washing can make the cloth fade slightly, fade the wool, produce the "peach skin" effect, and get a lasting softness effect;

There is a certain fading phenomenon and old feeling after sand washing. If a stone mill is used, a layer of soft frost white fluff will be generated on the surface of the washed fabric. Adding some softeners can make the washed fabric soft and soft, so as to improve the comfort of wearing.In short, through different processing methods, denim fabrics will have different appearance and hand feel characteristics.2. Physical and chemical characteristics of denim fabric

Good denim fabric should not have any irritation or other peculiar smell, but also pay attention to environmental protection. For example, the denim developed and produced by compact spinning not only returns to the traditional style of ring spinning fabric and meets the needs of people to return to nature and advocate nature, but also makes the surface of denim products bright and silky due to the characteristics of few hairiness and high strength on the surface of compact yarn, which makes the skin feel better and more comfortable when wearing. At the same time, using this compact yarn as warp yarn, the sizing rate can be reduced by 50%, and the post finishing and singeing process can be omitted, which can save resources and reduce pollution. The combination of physical and chemical finishing will greatly change the appearance style, mechanical properties and wearing comfort of denim fabrics

Classification of denimThere are many ways to classify denim fabrics. According to the thickness of denim, denim fabrics are divided into 4.5 A, 6 A, 8 A, 10 A, 11 A, 12 A, 13.5 a, 14.5 a, etc. 4.5 A is very thin, which is often used for women's vests and sleeveless shirts in summer, while 14.5 A is very thick, which can be used for men's cotton padded clothes in winter. Most of the jeans we often wear range from 8 A to 12 a.In terms of the types of denim fabrics, they can be divided into plain, twill, herringbone, interwoven, slub, dark and flocked denim

In terms of composition, denim is divided into combed and combed, with 100% cotton, elastic (Lycra), cotton linen blend and TencelAt present, the most popular denim varieties at home and abroad are ring spinning denim, warp and weft slub denim, super indigo dyed denim, color matching, color matching denim and weft elastic denim.1. Ring spun denim

With the development and application of new process equipment such as ring spinning high speed, large winding, fine winding and knot free yarn, the shortcomings of coarse count yarn, such as short spinning length, low production efficiency and many knots, have been solved. The situation that denim yarn is replaced by rotor yarn is changing rapidly, and ring spinning yarn has a great potential to make a comeback. Because ring spun denim is superior to air spun yarn in some properties, such as hand feel, drapability, tear strength, etc., and because people return to nature psychologically and pursue the influence of the original developed denim style, the more important reason is that the surface of ring spun denim clothing will show a hazy bamboo knot style after grinding and washing, It is in line with the personalized needs of today's jeans. In addition, slub yarn jeans are very popular in the market, and ring slub can spin short and dense slubs, which also promotes the development momentum of ring spun denim.

2. Slub denimWhen slubby yarns with different yarn numbers, slubby thicknesses (ratio to base yarn), slubby lengths and pitches are designed, slubby yarns are equipped in single warp or single weft direction and both warp and weft directions, and are properly proportioned and arranged with normal yarns of the same or different numbers, a variety of slubby denim can be produced, After washing and processing, various hazy or clear strip and grid style jeans can be formed, which is welcomed by consumers with personalized needs.

Early slub denim almost used ring slub yarn. Because it can spin slub yarn with short length, small pitch and relatively large density, it is easy to form a dense decorative effect on the cloth surface, and mainly warp slub. With the development of market consumption demand, warp and weft two-way slub denim is popular at present, especially the two-way slub denim products with weft elasticity, which are very popular in domestic and foreign markets. As long as the organizational structure of some varieties is well designed, a single variety of ring spun yarn can be used in warp direction and slub yarn with an appropriate proportion in weft direction, which can also achieve the effect of warp and weft two-way slub jeans.

3. Weft elastic denimWith the adoption of spandex elastic silk, the variety of jeans has developed to a new field, which can make jeans close and comfortable, and then match with bamboo knots or different colors to make jeans products more suitable for fashionable and personalized consumption needs, so they have great development potential.At present, elastic denim is mostly weft elastic, and the elastic elongation is generally 20% 40%. The elastic elongation depends on the fabric organization design. The smaller the warp and weft organization tightness on the loom, the greater the elasticity. On the contrary, under the condition of fixed warp organization tightness, the greater the weft elastic yarn tightness, the smaller the elasticity and the weft tightness to a certain extent, There may even be a loss of elasticity.

4. Colored denim based on indigo

In order to increase the color and light changes of indigo cowboy varieties, various colored cowboy varieties are very popular at present. For example, indigo dyeing sulfur black, indigo dyeing sulfur grass green, sulfur black green, sulfur blue, etc. to meet the personalized needs of the market. At the same time, denim manufacturers have their own patented new denim varieties to improve the competitiveness of the market. In this regard, it should be noted that the concentration of mother liquor should be controlled as much as possible to prevent excessive overflow of dye liquor from causing dye waste and expanding environmental pollution.

5. Colored (assorted) denimThere are mainly brominated indigo (commonly known as emerald blue in the market) denim and sulfur black denim, coffee, emerald green, gray, khaki and sulfur blue denim colored with sulfur dyes, and a small amount of bright red, peach and imperial denim dyed with naftal dyes or reactive dyes. Although the production batch is small, the market demand is urgent and often can not meet the demand.

The main problem is that the color and luster is not stable enough, the importance of dyeing is also poor, and the garment manufacturers are not satisfied. This is related to the small production batch and too many color varieties, but it is difficult to produce color varieties by the dyeing pulp combine, which also has a certain impact, such as large consumption, high cost, and difficult sewage treatment. The first solution is to reduce the number of color matching as much as possible in the design, and use two color matching as much as possible, no more than three color matching at most, or use other stable dye varieties to replace them, so as to adapt to the production characteristics of the dyeing pulp online table and obtain a more stable dyeing effect. The second is to completely solve the problem, or use the yarn high-capacity dyeing in the yarn dyeing factory, It is ideal to produce colored denim by slitting and warping.

6. Super indigo dyed denim

Because the clothes made of super indigo dyed or extra deep indigo dyed denim can obtain the special effect of rich and bright color after grinding and processing, they are widely welcomed by consumers. "Super indigo" dyed denim has two characteristics: the dyeing depth is very deep and the color fastness to grinding is very good. The former refers to the amount of indigo dye dyed on the yarn per unit weight (generally expressed as% of the dry weight of the yarn, referred to as the dyeing depth%). For example, the indigo dyeing depth of conventional denim warp yarn is 1% 3%, while the "super indigo" dyeing depth needs to reach more than 4%, which can be called super indigo or extra deep indigo. The latter refers to that the "super indigo" dyed jeans need to undergo repeated grinding and washing for more than 3 hours, and its color can still reach or exceed the color depth of conventional dyed denim without grinding and washing, and its color light is much brighter than that of conventional dyed denim.

For the abrasion color fastness of indigo dyed denim, its essence depends on the core penetration of the dye to the yarn, rather than the abrasion fastness of the dye itself (the wet abrasion fastness of Indigo is only grade 1), that is, the better the core penetration, the better the abrasion color fastness.

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Factory Direct! Quality Stretch Denim Fabric.
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Can a Small Suit Go with Wide Jeans and Leggings? Small Suit with Wide Leg Pants Recommended?
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How Can We Improve the Production Speed of Jeans? How to Reduce the Production Pollution of Jeans?
How Can We Improve the Production Speed of Jeans? How to Reduce the Production Pollution of Jeans?
The biggest selling point of jeans is its wear and old feeling. However, the production of jeans often brings various serious problems to the environment. Let's take a look at how to improve the production speed of jeans? How to reduce the production pollution of jeans?How can we improve the production speed of jeans? How to reduce the production pollution of jeans? This topic has always been a key topic of concern for jeans manufacturers. Here are three ways to reduce the environmental pollution caused by jeans production and improve the production speed of jeans: 1. Jeans use automatic laser to replace all manual aging, 2. Reduce the use of chemicals when manufacturing jeans, and 3. Design the digitization of jeans production.1. Jeans use automatic laser to replace all manual agingThe traditional jeans industry has been using hand to create different aging and wear processes. Such a pair of jeans may take hours; With the development of technology, a new laser polishing technology has emerged. Using laser can polish a variety of wear effects on jeans. This laser polishing process reduces the time to 2 minutes. In terms of the old process, the use of automatic laser can greatly save the production time of jeans.Principle of automatic laser technology: use laser to remove the cotton and blue pigment on the surface of denim pants, which looks like the natural decolorization effect of pants worn for a long time with friction. Laser can also produce damage and perforation.2. Reduce the use of chemicals when making jeansWhen producing jeans, a variety of chemicals are used, including thousands of oxidants, potassium permanganate and so on. For example, the spray monkey process uses a spray gun to spray potassium permanganate solution onto jeans as required, resulting in a chemical reaction to fade the cloth. Potassium permanganate solution, as a strong oxidant, causes serious pollution.3. Digital design and productionUse buttons to make jeans look old, add rivets, cracks or other design elements. In the traditional mode, the designer needs to go through 12 to 18 steps to draw the effect drawing, modify and manually create the prototype, and the factory will manufacture more templates, which means that the failed design may waste a lot of materials.
Advantages and Washing Methods of Cotton Denim
Advantages and Washing Methods of Cotton Denim
The advantages of cotton denim are comfortable to wear and breathable. The defect is simple wrinkle, so it should be ironed often.advantage:1. Antistatic, no pilling, no setback and no crimping. Cotton linen is sewn with pure cotton without free charge. The cotton fiber is not easy to deform and pilling.2. Natural environmental protection, from cultivation to hand weaving into cloth and sewing into bed cloth, does not use pesticides and chemical dyes, and textiles do not contain formaldehyde, azo and other chemical heavy metal ions, which fully meets the requirements of "Prohibition of carcinogenic azo dyes" in the European Community textile biochemical code rules, making them real green ecological textile treasures.3. It has good air permeability and sweat permeability. Cotton linen can absorb sweat and micro sweat on human skin, make the body temperature quickly return to normal, truly achieve the role of air permeability and sweat absorption. It is warm in winter and cool in summer. It is suitable for personal use.4. Comfortable, antipruritic, friendly to skin, pH value is acidic, has no effect on skin, and meets the requirements of environmental protection and human health.5. It can improve sleep, use cotton and linen cloth to make the human body produce warm effect, increase the microcirculation and blood flow of the human body, effectively regulate the nervous system, dredge the meridians and improve the quality of sleep.6. Bundle pockets made of cotton and linen bags are now suitable for the packaging of electronic products, jewelry and precious medicinal materials, which is safer and more reassuring,Washing method of linen cotton denimClothes mainly made of cotton and hemp are usually washed separately by hand. If they are washed by machine, they are washed separately by gentle washing. The washing time should not exceed 30 minutes.Cotton and linen clothes should not be soaked and washed with cold water; Wash in the water. Add a spoonful of salt in cold water for the first time.Use neutral detergent or special detergent, such as silk linen detergent, etc. Prevent the use of chlorine and enzyme washing products.After washing, do not expose to the sun. Please lay the knitted products flat to dry.In order to improve the wearing effect, iron cotton and linen fabrics before wearing. Cotton and linen fabrics are generally ironed at a medium temperature of 160 - 180 .If not, the clothes washed and dried after washing can be stacked neatly or hung well, and placed in a cool and ventilated place.The coating of cotton and hemp silk and the glued fabric shall not be ironed.
Technological Process of Denim Finishing
Technological Process of Denim Finishing
Process flow of denim finishing:Grey cloth singeing sizing weft filling (skewing) pre drying rubber blanket pre shrinking blanket drying finished product inspection packaging1 Singeing1. Technical requirements for singeingRemove the hairiness and fine impurities on the fabric surface to make the finished product surface smooth and smooth.2. Rating reference standard for singeing qualityUnder certain tension conditions, the fabric is placed in a place with sufficient light for observation and evaluation. The singeing of denim needs to reach grade 4 or above.2 SizingImprove the water repellency of the fabric, maintain a certain moisture regain, and make the preshrinking finish go smoothly. To maintain the pre shrinkage effect of the fabric, drying with thin slurry can play a fixed role to prevent the recovery elongation of the fabric after it is off the machine, so as to stably increase the shrinkage of the fabric; Improve fabric feel and sewing performance; Ensure that the fabric meets the specified weight requirements and stiffness.3 Weft setting (skew)Eliminate the potential weft skew stress in the fabric caused by yarn twist, tension and fabric structure. Denim with different yarn count and variety structure has different potential weft skew stress and different weft skew requirements. For general heavy-duty (above 440G / m2) denim, the weft back inclination is between 3 4 30 ', or the weft slope is between 7% 8.5%.Process arrangement: after sizing and before drying.4 PreshrinkingEliminate most of the potential shrinkage stress in the fabric, reduce the shrinkage of finished products, and meet the requirements of garment processing. It is required that the warp and weft residual shrinkage of finished denim is less than 3%, and that of super preshrunk denim with special requirements is less than 1%. It is required that the shrinkage of the same section of denim in, middle, right and head, middle and tail shall be uniform, and the shrinkage of the same batch of denim shall be basically the same.5 Wash waterThere are many finishing processes of denim clothing, which is an important part of developing denim clothing series. Among them are: enzyme, stone mill, sandblasting, cat whisker, silicone oil, bleaching, color matching, snowflake washing.
Are Jeans Pungent and Poisonous? Are Jeans Inferior
Are Jeans Pungent and Poisonous? Are Jeans Inferior
Are jeans pungent and poisonousThere may be. In life, jeans, also known as sturdy tweed pants, are pants made of yarn dyed denim mainly blended and interwoven with pure cotton and cotton fibers. They are washed in the production process and usually have a certain smell. Of course, according to different production processes, the residual smell of jeans is also different. Generally, it is normal for newly bought jeans to have a certain smell, as long as they are cleaned. However, if the new jeans have a great taste and are pungent, such jeans are likely to exceed the standard of formaldehyde, and excessive inhalation may lead to poisoning.Do jeans taste inferiorIt depends on the actual situation. After careful observation, it will be found that most jeans in life have a certain smell, but the size of the smell is different, because when making jeans, some chemicals are usually added to make jeans better, which is a normal phenomenon. Good jeans have the same taste, but compared with poor jeans, its smell is relatively small, The texture is softer. If jeans are hard and have a strong pungent taste, such jeans are usually inferior jeans, which are harmful to human health for a long time.Jeans smell pungent. Can you wear themIt depends on the actual situation. Generally speaking, it is a normal phenomenon that new jeans have slight formaldehyde on them. They can be removed after cleaning several times and can be worn normally, which has little impact on human health. However, if the pungent taste of jeans is still strong no matter how many times they are cleaned, it is best not to wear jeans at this time to avoid harm to human skin health.How to remove formaldehyde in jeansThere are mainly the following methods: Vinegar in addition to taste vinegar contains a lot of acetic acid, which is used to soak new jeans, which can help remove the taste of jeans. Secondly, vinegar contains a certain erosion effect, which can help soften the material of jeans, so as to make jeans more comfortable to wear. Salt water deodorization salt is alkaline and has a good cleaning effect, which can help remove the smell on jeans; Secondly, salt water also has a certain erosion effect. Soaking new jeans with salt water can not only help remove the taste, but also help reduce the discoloration of jeans. In addition to the smell of lemon, the smell of lemon is fresh and strong. It is generally recommended to put the newly bought smelling jeans and lemon together and let them stand for one night until the aroma of lemon invades the jeans, which can help remove the smell of jeans to a great extent.
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